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10:21:35 PM May 5th 2014
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This example is problematic:

  • Writers for the H.I.V.E. Series face a challenge upon entering the fandom: writing clever remarks is required for all characters, in all situations, at all times. In-universe, arguments go on for pages about who is the funniest. Needless to say, these arguments are hilarious.

The problem is that it's basically a Zero-Context Example; it doesn't actually say anything about the H.I.V.E. Series, only about the challenges of writing fanfiction for it. In fact, when I first saw this example, I thought it was in the wrong place and moved it to the Fanfiction folder. Could someone who is familiar with the H.I.V.E. Series (I've never heard of it before) please rewrite this example to make it less misleading?
10:15:38 AM May 6th 2014
edited by
I agree. Feel free to put on it the commented-out mark-up. (I'm one of those who commented out the ZCE on this page but I guess I overlooked it.)
12:06:26 PM Dec 15th 2013
I'm sorry guys. But when I was editing, something...messed up. I don't know, all I did was add an example, but something weird happened and the top part of the page is gone. Is there any way I can think it?
08:08:12 PM Dec 15th 2013
Alright, I think I fixed it.
02:28:28 AM Dec 16th 2013
Looks good.
06:34:58 PM Dec 18th 2013
Oh, thanks! I was worried.
07:47:06 AM Mar 13th 2013
edited by XFllo
I deleted this example. One Deadpan Snarker on the show does not fit the definition.

03:32:33 PM Mar 12th 2013
edited by XFllo
World of Snark has way too many Zero-Context Example entries. Here is a list of wicks that need context or some polishing. Please consider providing context.

09:18:40 AM Jul 18th 2010
I just realized that "World Of Snark-ness" would've been so much better title for this trope. So that's what, three months too late?
11:03:02 AM Jul 18th 2010
Not a great idea. It's a punctuated title.

You could always make World Of Snarkness a redirect, though.
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