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03:09:05 AM Apr 2nd 2015

  • A subset of Silent Hill fans insist on the interpretation of Vincent's line "They look like monsters to you?" from part 3 that Heather is violently insane and has been spending the entire game butchering innocent people, undeterred by the fact that this scenario makes no damned sense at all from a narrative or gameplay standpoint.

Word of Dante is about the fans treating a third-party source as if it's canon. This example is about fans subscribing to a different interpretation of a line which was spoken in canon, and therefore Not an Example.

It would fit as Alternative Character Interpretation, though.
12:41:06 AM Mar 19th 2015
Given that many of the examples on the page are actually examples of Fanon rather than the trope described, does this page need clean-up?
01:02:13 AM Mar 19th 2015
Drawing a distinction between the two in my mind is more important. I am not myself 100% sure.
07:06:20 AM May 6th 2016
Definitely. Very few of these examples seem to actually be people believing someone with no real authority over canon.
08:25:06 AM Feb 17th 2015
Just where did the idea of Santa Claus living at "the North Pole" come from?

I vaguely remember old references to Santa living in Lappland... hence the reindeer.
03:33:10 PM Feb 18th 2012
The section on Religion and Mythology is super nattery right now. I'm not a Biblical scholar, but it looks like it could use some Repair, Don't Respond magic.
04:35:43 PM Apr 10th 2011
"The Star Wars Expanded Universe is not canon" is incorrect, Lucas stated numerous times his position is that his personal universe does not include the post ROTJ EU but that this is not the official universe, LFL's is. Editing the main page to reflect this.
08:31:51 AM Sep 24th 2010
I killed the "Draco Trilogy" example, mostly because it sounds more like "Fanon" than "Word of Dante" (most fans don't consider Draco to be a "deadpan snarker).
06:24:22 PM Aug 13th 2010
"Aeris lives."
06:26:19 PM Aug 13th 2010
I don't think there are many people that believe, logically, that Aeris actually does live. I think there are plenty of people interested in the little clues and buried treasures in the code of Final Fantasy 7 that indicated, at one point, she was intended to live if steps were taken etc. Plenty of people WANT her to live and write up fiction, etc, about it though, yes.
06:21:30 PM Aug 13th 2010
"Lit Crit-Friendly"?
06:22:09 PM Aug 13th 2010
Really? I'm just going to write it out long hand as "literary criticism friendly."
04:04:24 PM Apr 26th 2010
To Anonymous Mccartneyfan's question, "Who's the Dante for this?", I have no answer. But I don't think the question is all-important, so I restored the cut examples.
03:02:14 PM May 1st 2010
Sorry about that... <sad face<

I consider the question important because the existence of at least one Dante is one of the key methods of differentiating Word of Dante from Fanon.

Let's put it in more high-falutin' terms: it's one thing to say that a certain "Biblical" tenet is apocryphal. It's another to be able to name the part of the Apocrypha it's in.

Or, to put it a third way: take the Star Trek Expanded Universe (please)! Until recently, none of it was technically canonical. That said, any given piece is taken much more seriously, esp. post-TNG, if it is in an officially licensed Paramount book, if only because Paramount has stricter standards about its Star Trek books than it does about the actual series.
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