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10:02:55 PM Feb 4th 2011
So I've been reading through all the Presidential biographies in reverse chronological order, and this is the first one that I think seems a little out of touch with balance/reality. Not that that's inherently a bad thing, as this isn't the Other Wiki, but it's not that it's totally mysterious that Wilson is seen as a great President. The article makes it sound like he is most famous for causing World War II and hating black people.
01:41:20 PM May 17th 2011
Yeah the article is pretty clearly written by an anti-Wilson source of a series thereof, while it does acknowledge Wilson's flaws, it in some ways attempts to create others by spinning Wilson's views on the Treaty of Versailles as over-the-top idealism. Wilson was idealistic and in some ways it did detract from his ability to make accurate judgments of the people who he would be dealing with at Versailles but at the same time he was a capable compromiser and ultimately would never have been able to create the League of Nations if he were not.
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