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02:30:46 PM Apr 22nd 2013
When I click the link, it looks like the site leads to "" or some weird thing. Is the link broken and needs to be changed? Or does the site no longer exist?
11:26:32 PM Apr 22nd 2013
I don't know where the site used to be — that may have been the real link — but now that domain name is up for sale, so it's not around any more. I've removed it, though the page can stay.
12:10:30 AM Apr 1st 2010
I hate to ask this... but does anyone have a copy of the previous discussion? It was removed for not being relevant to the page as it exists, but it apparently had a contribution from the infamous Lovecrafty that I'm curious about.
08:10:14 AM Feb 27th 2011
I don't know what was on the previous discussion page, but this exchange from the discussion for Bury Your Gays may be enlightening (Dead Kennedy is Lovecrafty):

Twin Bird: Score one for Completely Missing The Point. These are not duplications of anything. Rather, they are differentiated from other Death Tropes guessed it...the gender/sexuality of the victim! The point is that these characters' deaths tend to be well telegraphed by the fact itself, and treated in similar ways by the plot (as "punishment," or just insufficiently). By this logic, you might cut all the Death Tropes since they're just the same thing - someone dies. (Yes, this is copy-pasted, but what's wrong with that? It's the same objection each time.)

Black Humor: Dead Kennedy, you seem to be making a lot of these. I'm sure we have this guideline here somewhere but this was easier to find.

Dead Kennedy: Twin Bird, you're an idiot.

Rogue 7: what a dashing rebuttal.

Fast Eddie: There we go. Ad hominem attack. Game over, Dead Kennedy.
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