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02:30:31 PM Oct 2nd 2013
Truth in Television as far as This Troper is concerned:

1) Sitting on my motorcycle at a red light, rear-ended by a high-school girl distracted by a car full of yammering friends.

2) Doing 5 mph along with a few other cars in a ground blizzard / whiteout on a 2-lane highway in Colorado, no shoulder or breakdown lane to wait out the storm, rear-ended by a mom in a minivan doing 65 in damn near zero visibility. Destroyed my Crown Vic from the rear end all the way up to the B-pillar and her Sienna from the front bumper back to the C-pillar, and caused a 21-car chain reaction that took out the entire highway.

3) Passing a young woman who was doing 15 in a 35, she in the right lane, me in the left, she decided that she needed to pull an emergency U-turn just as I reached her 9 o'clock. Destroyed my car's entire right doors and rear fender and her car's left-front quadrant.
06:39:39 PM Oct 26th 2012
Leave it to Beaver entry:

  • There was an episode of Leave It To Beaver where Ward was teaching June how to drive; the trope was referenced but not invoked, but it shows an example of learning to drive relatively late in life.
    • This never happened in Leave It To Beaver. Must be thinking of some other show.

Extensive Googling failed to uncover such an episode. Wikipedia mentions that June did drive the car for errands.

However, I'm not 100% sure whether there was such an episode or not.

Can anyone with more knowledge on the subject help?
01:13:03 PM Jul 27th 2011
edited by Stoogebie
I didn't know this trope existed up till recently. The whole "Women are terrible drivers" thing is all news to me - it's usually male drivers who feel the need to cut my mom off on the highway and reach the red light before she does...for whatever reason.

EDIT: And after reading the main article about there being some truth to this, I had to laugh; a woman is more likely to ding or scratch your paint, men are more likely to speed through a red light and ram head-on into your fender. The irony here is simply marvelous.
10:19:27 PM Aug 22nd 2012
^ There is some truth to it - women actually have more accidents per mile than men. The average man logs more miles, and causes more monetary damage per accident, which is why men have higher insurance rates.
08:49:19 PM Aug 26th 2010
The caption for the picture invokes a bit of logical fallacy, at least I believe so. While this is obviously a ridiculous stereotype, you don't disprove blanket statements with single contradictions. A minor quibble for something clearly intended as a joke, but a logical fallacy kind of pops when it's at the top of a page referring to a common, stupid, mistake.
12:36:25 PM Aug 1st 2012
The current page image doesn't follow the trope; sure, it's a driver who is a woman, but this is about women behind the wheel being dangerously erratic simply by being a woman in a car/vehicle. Maybe if it was a woman standing (unscathed, most likely) next to a car jammed into the roof of a house and on fire, we'd get a better idea of the trope.
08:31:13 AM Jan 11th 2018
Does it count as a Discussed Trope if smeone makes a Women Drivers joke after seeing a female character intentionally ramming a target as per the Car Fu trope?
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