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06:05:55 PM Apr 29th 2012
edited by Moekou
What section would something from the actual Yugioh card game (not the anime) go in? I am thinking of mentioning the card "The Lady in Wight" as it's clearly referring to the trope, albeit it's also an ironic case since this actually shows The Lady in Black. Maybe it's referring to how they're the opposite sides of the coin. Or perhaps it's just a convenient play on words.

For that matter, which page would it be a better fit for?
01:14:24 PM Nov 4th 2011
I pulled this:

  • Mulan was actually briefly seen wearing a white dress during the song "Honor To Us All" when she is shown having her hair done so she can see the Matchmaker. Moments later, the white dress gets covered up as two older women make Mulan put on her iconic pink dress.
    • Wow, was that artistic license. That's funeral attire in China. Maybe not at that time, but still.
      • She's also in what appears to be geisha makeup. Cultural accuracy is not really Disney's strong point.

since in my opinion that's not an example anymore than showing a woman briefly wearing a white slip while she's getting dressed (in a colored outfit) would be. If someone disagrees, please put it back.

(Not to mention that even though white outerwear is considered mourning in China, "white" (i.e. undyed, bleached cloth) underwear is historically pretty standard, just as it is in many other historical cultures Eastern and Western. Disney may play fast-and-loose occasionally, but this isn't one of those times.)

05:26:36 PM Jul 25th 2011
It's a pretty page image, but since it's black-and-white it's hard to tell that the girl's dress is white. Could we change it to an image in color?
04:46:09 PM Oct 11th 2011
Take image questions to Image Pickin'.
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