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08:16:30 AM Mar 31st 2011
These examples are from the old trope, but I cannot tell if they fit the new supertrope. Someone please take a look:

    Video Games 
  • Arc Rise Fantasia
    Hero: L'Arc
    Childhood Friend: Adele
    Girl From Nowhere: Ryfia
  • Though they aren't the first two party members, Jade Empire with a male player
    Hero: the player
    Childhood Friend: Dawn Star
    Girl from Nowhere: Silk Fox

  • Grandia takes a while to bring in the third character, but we eventually end up with
    Hero: Justin
    Childhood Friend: Sue
    Girl From Nowhere: Feena
    Hero: Yuki
    Hot Shounen Mom: Miranda
    Girl From Nowhere: Alfina
  • Baldur's Gate has the first NPC that can possibly join you being your "little sister" Imoen, while the first people you encounter are a pair of Ax-Crazy murderers, most people's first recruits will be Khalid and Jaheira, the later who qualifies as a "New Girl", at least in the second game.
  • Done 'properly', Chrono Cross pulls this off too.
    Hero: Serge
    Childhood Friend: Leena (Well, sort of)
    Girl From Nowhere: Kidd
  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    Hero: Felix
    Childhood Friend: Jenna
    Girl From Nowhere: Sheba
    • The first Golden Sun also fits this.
      Hero: Isaac
      Childhood Friend: Garet
      Guy From Nowhere: Ivan
      • Or:
      Hero: Isaac
      Childhood Friend: Jenna
      Girl From Nowhere: Mia

  • Tales of Eternia
    Hero: Reid
    Childhood Friend: Farah
    Girl from Nowhere: Meredy
  • Tales of the Abyss
    Hero: Luke
    Childhood Friend: Natalia
    Girl From Nowhere: Tear

  • Magna Carta
    Hero: Calintz
    Childhood Friend: Serina
    Girl From Nowhere: Reith

  • FLCL
    Hero: Nandaba Naota
    Childhood Friend: Samejima Mamimi
    Girl From Nowhere: Haruhara Haruko
  • Xamd: Lost Memories
    Hero: Akiyuki
    Childhood Friend: Haru
    Girl From Nowhere: Nakiami
  • Bleach
    Hero: Ichigo
    Childhood Friend: Orihime/Tatsuki
    Girl From Nowhere: Rukia

  • Fairy Tail
    Hero: Natsu
    Childhood Friend: Erza (and Lisanna)
    Girl From Nowhere: Lucy
  • Kimi ni Todoke
    Hero: Kazehaya
    Childhood Friend: Kurumi (Well, their "middle school" friends, but still...)
    Girl From Nowhere: Sawako
  • Gundam Unicorn
    Hero: Banagher
    Childhood Friend: Micott, more or less
    Girl From Nowhere: Audrey
  • Hellsing manga appeared to begin like this, before adding more characters, including Walter who wasn't in the story until he appeared out of nowhere in Sword Dancer.
    Hero: Alucard.
    Childhood Friend: Integra Hellsing. While Action Girl on her own right, she's the one who Alucard protects and actually sets his journey going.
    Girl From Nowhere: Seras Victoria, back then only known as 'Police Girl'. She becomes the Sidekick.
  • Shakugan no Shana
    Hero: Yuji
    Childhood Friend: Yoshida
    Girl From Nowhere: Shana


    Live Action TV 

    Western Animation 

10:33:07 AM Jan 4th 2013
Digimon Xros Wars Hero: Taiki Kudo Childhood Friend: Akari Hinomoto GUY from nowhere: Zenjiro Tsurugi
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