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01:47:50 PM Oct 9th 2017
I question the appropriateness of Leia's friend Winter from Star Wars Legends on this page. She's not royalty (unless that happens in some novel I haven't read), and other than her name and having white hair, she doesn't really have any connection to winter.
06:12:47 PM Apr 4th 2014
  • Multiple examples in Mahou Sentai Magiranger and Power Rangers Mystic Force:
    • Miyuki, the Magirangers' mother, and her counterpart Udonna, the Mystic Rangers' mentor figure, are snow sorceresses. Neither are actually royalty or have snow-themed titles, but they have a regal bearing and the series uses a number of Fairytale Tropes; plus their In the Name of the Moon proclamations do include such things (Miyuki's is "The sparkling ice element! The White Magician, MagiMother!" and Udonna's is "Flurry of snow! White Mystic Ranger!").
    • Snowgel (a contraction of "snow angel") in Magiranger; the eldest of the Heavenly Saints (read: angels) and not the Big Good but close to it, including personally granting Miyuki her magic. In Mystic Force she's gender-inverted into the Snow Prince, who mentored the previous generation of wizards.

I've been getting into an edit war over these, as I believe they're good examples while they've been getting taken off because they don't have the right title (except for the Snow Prince, who gets to stay on the page). I understand if you don't want to include just any old Ice People on this list, but I'm arguing they have ice powers and regal-ness and they're in a series heavy on the fairytale stuff, so I view lack of a title as just a formality in this case. (Besides, "Snowgel" for "snow angel" doesn't qualify as a good enough title?)
07:06:40 PM Apr 4th 2014
Better to take this to Ask The Tropers, as you can get feedback from more people.
12:33:03 AM Apr 5th 2014
This trope is about a winter theme. The titles and "snow sorceress"/"snow prince" are the only thing in that example that actually talks about the trope - that seems fairly little.
09:32:25 PM Sep 10th 2013
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  • In The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, the character 'Milady' holds many names - one of which is Milady de Winter.

This seems like an example of shoehorning based strictly on the character's name.

Milady's last name is 'de Winter' by marriage to an English nobleman. (Her brother-in-law becomes fairly good acquaintances with D'Artagnan.) At no point is she specified to have a wintry or northern-cold theme about her. She's a highly complex villain with no compunctions about doing whatever it takes when achieving her professional and personal goals, being cold in a figurative sense. A lot of tropes apply to her, but "Winter Royal Lady" isn't one of them.
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