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03:15:56 PM May 19th 2012
"Faulkner overdose remains the number one cause of death in Grammar Nazi coummunity."

What is 'Faulkner overdose'? How does it kill Grammar Nazis? Since when did Grammar Nazis have a community? What does this have to do with Faulkner's contribution to literature?

Somebody explain this sentence so we can replace it with something more meaningful.
07:44:08 PM May 20th 2012
What are you, fucking retarded?
12:37:44 AM May 21st 2012
Having not read any of his works, I can't be certain, but it probably means that Faulkner uses very poor grammar, split infinitives, too many adverbs, twenty ellipses per page, or something like that. Reading too much of his writing in one sitting would cause metaphorical heart attacks in those concerned with grammar, syntax, and such things. I don't believe there is a "Grammar Nazi Community"; the term is just being used for fun here. The sentence is relevant to Faulkner's contribution to literature because grammar is an inherant part of writing and significant deviation from the norm is noteworthy.
12:37:44 AM May 21st 2012
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