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06:24:48 AM Mar 9th 2014
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The PS 1 and PS2 articles note on the remarkable fact of those respective consoles surviving in the form of software releases well past their "ostensible" obsolescence. According to the Wii Wikipedia page, titles were released up until 2013 (2014 unconfirmed). Can this page be similarly edited to reflect the Wii's for all intents and purposes death but also mention the lingering software releases?
05:35:27 AM Sep 1st 2011
Wait a sec. These polygon counts seem to be made up. Someone needs to check them out.
09:17:48 AM Aug 2nd 2010
Why hello rampant fanboyism, and whining about those darn 'hardcore'. I honestly have half a mind to just bin the current intro segment and rebuild from the begining, it seems it's just way too entrenched in console war fanboy rubbish to be salvagable.
10:00:15 AM Aug 2nd 2010
Whining about the other side and making insults makes you look like the fanboy, not the introduction.
11:47:18 AM Aug 6th 2010
"However, despite cries of "inferior" graphics and processing power * not to mention internal storage thankfully, it's SD card compatible, including support for high-capacity SD cards , the Wii continues to dominate its "next-gen" competitors because of Nintendo's PR witch doctors its strength in games with mass appeal. Announcements of new exclusive "core" titles for the Wii tend to generate lots of Hatedom from said fanboys, despite market-leading sales of hardware and software. Let's face it: which demographic is larger, "hardcore gamers" or "everyone currently breathing"?"

Fox News: fair and unbiased
12:48:29 PM Aug 6th 2010
Hey, it's not as though the other systems have gushing parts. I'll edit that paragraph anyway.
04:39:47 AM Mar 14th 2011
The four categories of games on Wii thing seems... biased.
11:32:33 AM Mar 19th 2011
"Further limiting the Wii is Nintendo's mandate that every game must run in widescreen and 480p." I don't think that's right, I've played a few Wii games that don't run in widescreen, like WarioWare Smooth Moves and LIT...
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