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01:40:10 PM Sep 3rd 2016
How is Fireman Sam a widget series? The example only says the its original title doesn't make much sense.
11:10:48 AM Mar 16th 2016
Would Labyrinth and Big Man Japan count?
02:20:15 PM Mar 17th 2016
Why would they?
03:35:39 AM Nov 19th 2014
Jacob Two-Two, really? The description only comments how canadian it is, no explanation given on how weird it is. I didn't liked the show and only saw a bunch of episodes, but the tone and writing of the show is more in the vein of those down to earth shows about kids that go to school like Hey Arnold or Recess.
10:53:28 AM Nov 4th 2014
How about calling weird Norwegian weird things WENT (Weird Enough Norwegian Thing)?
02:55:38 PM Feb 13th 2013
edited by ZombieAladdin
Would One Piece itself be a Widget Series, albeit one with phenomenal popularity in its home country and substantial popularity overseas? Its main character is a pirate captain who stretches like rubber and hangs out with a talking reindeer, a cyborg, and a living skeleton; every character uses mollusks for all communication (and have become several key plot points); and so many weird situations and people have appeared in the series thus far that no one, Japanese or otherwise, can predict with any certainty what would happen next.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's on the list—just not in the alphabetized part.
08:49:49 AM Jul 23rd 2012
Would a strange multinational thing be a Weird Humorous International Project?
06:38:01 AM Jul 14th 2012
Seriously, what is it about Japan that makes their culture so strange? Is there a radioactive meteor or something in the middle of Tokyo that warps the minds of anyone who's near it for too long?
07:42:23 PM Oct 21st 2012
Because several weird games represents Japan just like how Jackass represents America or how Monty Python represents the UK's mental state. Yep, makes a lot of sense.
05:13:12 PM Oct 4th 2013
Cultural dissonance/shock. What seems strange to individuals of one culture may be perfectly normal for those of another culture.
05:30:32 PM Nov 23rd 2015
Their culture isn't strange at all. Most of their media is actually really normal, just like ours - it's normal by their standards, but once you have an idea of those standards, most things on this page are still weird, and have barely anything to do with them being foreign.
03:04:11 PM Sep 12th 2011
A while ago, GG Chrono cleaned up the examples. One of the examples he removed was this, which I think is valid:

  • The Knight Life, a Life Embellished webcomic with a tendency towards parody, is very much a WHAT. Such characters as a housewife who puts on an armless costume and fights crime as "The Masked Maggot," or a lowlife who works as a human rug and can identify shoes by how they press into his back, make sense if and only if one's familiar with the parts of American culture they're mocking.

I'll put it back for now, although I'm willing to discuss it.
08:25:33 PM Mar 30th 2011
Will there be an acronym for a weird Korean thing?
04:24:52 AM Jul 19th 2011
05:03:29 AM Jan 13th 2012
No, that one's for Weird Canadian Things.
04:42:29 AM Sep 18th 2015
edited by DeepRed
I know... how about "Weird Occurrence from Korea" or "Weird Oddity from Korea" (WOK)?
06:57:21 PM Jan 13th 2011
Should we get a new picture? This same picture is used in the Katamari Damacy page.
08:06:36 PM Aug 8th 2010
Moving this here:

Japan has a culture outsiders may find pretty strange. In ancient times, Japan was a tribal culture. After making contact with China, they became an "eastern" culture, adopting a lot of Chinese cultural baggage but changing it to suit themselves while keeping older beliefs such as animism. The same thing happened during the 19th century, when Japan became an industrialized "western" culture. These three layers of culture interact in fascinating and unusual ways.
08:14:28 PM Aug 8th 2010
And this:

Exemplified by the Katamari Damacy video game series. Such games have also a noticeably larger presence on handheld systems than their console brethren.

Not to be confused with the animated series about an alien named Widget. Nor with the economic term (which is shorthand for an unknown unit of production. Product X, but economic slang). Nor with that thing floating in your Guinness.
08:15:06 PM Aug 8th 2010
and this:

Spinoff terms you'll likely see in this page include WTF (A Weird Thing from France), WHAT (A Weird Humorous American Thing) or just WAT, Wabbit (Weird British Thing), Wicket (Weird Canadian Thing), STANZA (Strange Thing from Australia/New Zealand/Australasia), EIEIO (Excessively Irish Example of Intentional Oddity), and WIT (Weird Icelandic Thing).

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