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02:24:55 PM Mar 1st 2014
Too bad Adventure Time episode "Red Throne" never got added to this trope. That episode was the end of all Finn X Flame Princess shippers for life.
02:30:42 PM Mar 1st 2014
That sounds more like Ship Sinking then.
06:52:15 PM Dec 13th 2013
Many of the examples given are genuine harassment of media creators. But some of the examples just strike me as criticism of creators' work, often in a way that wouldn't be out of place in a professionally published review. (And the Doctor Who Restoration Team example is written in a way that seems especially biased to me.)
09:39:09 PM Dec 17th 2013
Any signs of Writer Bashing should be deleted, so you're invited to remove them.
11:55:55 AM Jul 1st 2013
Can someone please tell me what is meant in the Bleach example?
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