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10:54:43 PM Aug 19th 2016
Lee Pace pulled off being a m to f transexual in Soldier's Girl, and did it amazingly well. And considering he's 6' 5"... This was based on the true (and very sad) story of Calpernia Addams. Calpernia herself is doing well despite the pain she has endured in her life.
08:55:33 PM Jan 15th 2015
Is this the Neon Genesis Evangelion fic mentioned in the fan fic folder?
07:42:43 AM Mar 6th 2012
02:01:29 PM Mar 1st 2012
edited by murex
I changed the word "it" to "he" in the opening quote from Steins;Gate. There are several reasons I think "he" works better: first, all translations of that line I've seen use "he;" second, most characters in the series seem to think of Ruka as a boy, (although Ruka him/herself seems to be transsexual); third, "It" Is Dehumanizing. Is this change okay?
07:16:15 AM Mar 4th 2012
I think so. If it was a direct quote from an English-language source, we'd keep it (or, perhaps, just find another quote), but since it's a translation, and apparently one with some ambiguity, I'd say you made the right call.
07:21:10 PM Feb 3rd 2011
I think Snowflake from Ralph Bakshi's 1973 film "Heavy Traffic" counts, no?
08:43:14 PM Feb 3rd 2011
Seems OK, but I'm only going from the Wikipedia plot summary: "One of the regular customers at the bar, Snowflake, a nymphomaniac transvestite, who gets beat up by a tough drunk who has only just realized that Snowflake is a man in drag and not a beautiful woman. Shorty throws the drunk out and the bar's white manager abusively confronts Carole over this and she left. Michael begins to fall down and kills the manager."

The way the tropes are arranged, pretty much any crossdressing character should fall under Wholesome OR Creepy. And she sounds more Wholesome to me, though depending on how "nymphomaniac" is portrayed (Good Bad Girl, or something treated as a genuine perversion?), that might seem more Creepy.
11:35:09 AM Dec 14th 2010
I rewrote the trope description to fit with the general plan for Crossdressing tropes outlined in Trope Repair Shop, and to make it less Japan-centric. The text being replaced appears below.

I think there should still be a good paragraph about the Japan-specific elements of this trope, but I don't have the subject matter knowledge to do it well. I did take a stab at it, but someone else can probably come up with a better clear and concise (and less rambling than the original) description for that part.

The polar opposite of the Villainous Crossdresser, the Wholesome Crossdresser is usually well-groomed, compassionate, nice and above all, so convincing that his or her sex is mentioned on occasion just to remind newer viewers. Sometimes the traits aren't flamboyant as much as so very stereotypical compared to the rest of the cast you can make a decent guess. There's a fair chance someone will get a crush on them, although this is usually resolved after The Reveal.

Interestingly, the specific source of contention doesn't occur outside the series. Merchandise and other fan stuff will treat the character as 'genuinely' whatever they appear as, especially if the apparent gender is female, and even if the character is only disguising themselves for plot reasons. There's also a good chance that even if this reason is resolved later, the character will usually still keep dressing the same way because of either Limited Wardrobe or Cast Speciation.

This is easier to do than it sounds, especially if most of your characters look alike anyway. If your artists also like costumes, the Wholesome Crossdresser is the prime target since you don't have to show the relevant bits. This becomes an easy way to simply tell us that the character crossdresses without ever depicting said character au naturel; sometimes though, artists become lazy with this and draw characters with actual flesh in the wrong places.

One slightly controversial element is that most non-plot-related crossdressers tend to fulfill the standard stereotypes, though often in a positively intended way.

In a reference to one Admiral Ackbar's line in Star Wars, The Internet usually refers to these overly effeminate guys as "traps". Their female counterparts are commonly known as "Reverse Traps".

See also Attractive Bent-Gender, Sweet Polly Oliver. Contrast Sweet on Polly Oliver.
06:06:49 AM Oct 9th 2010
Cleaning up some natter, "Pete Burns" was just two words with no elaboration for someone I'd never heard of. His entry at The Other Wiki doesn't make it entirely clear how he fits the trope, exactly (is it basically just "performance drag?" Something more?) If someone with better knowledge could elaborate on the entry, it'd be appreciated.
06:38:02 PM Aug 24th 2010
  • Linetrap. Enough said.

Actually, more needs to be said, because one word does not an example make. Someone with knowledge of who or what this refers to elaborating a bit would be appreciated.
06:51:43 PM Oct 1st 2011
Linetrap is a transsexual, she got her start as a CD (thanks to 4chan) but she is now a TS porn star
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