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08:48:17 AM Oct 28th 2013
Can I suggest changing the name of this trope to just "What Is His Name Again?"? Would be much less misleading that way.
03:48:35 PM Oct 28th 2013
There is an ongoing TRS thread, which you can access from the link you will see above this discussion. You will need to contribute to the thread or its related YKTTW drafts to affect any significant changes to this page.
07:10:35 PM Feb 22nd 2013
edited by nemui10pm
Okay, I thought might get a bit of flak for removing Canada of Axis Powers Hetalia - allegedly "the definition of the trope" - from the page, so I decided to explain myself.

Canada is not, in fact, an example of Who Is This Guy Again. Read the description again: this trope is about characters whose names the audience forgets because they are not properly introduced. Although many of the Hetalia characters often forget who Canada is, the creator introduces him to the audience properly and there is no confusion about his identity for the audience, as can be seen by his status as an Ensemble Darkhorse.
10:43:22 AM Jul 20th 2012
The video series mentioned in the page quote (while, IMO, one of the best LPs out there, seems to have vanished from the face of YouTube.

Does anyone have a current link to the series? If so, we should probably add that to the quote. If not, we may want to consider using a different quote...
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