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06:02:43 AM Jan 15th 2017
A couple of things. The title of this page is very focused on black male desire for white women, which is in of itself a valid trope in media, particularly in shows and films marketed to a specifically black audience. That would be fine and would even allow for inversions to be acceptable (both for white women who are very specifically into black men and for black women who are specifically into white men). What would make it this trope is that the desire has to be specifically discussed in the show/movie/song with the context that the person from the other race is a great catch BECAUSE they are black/white.

However, the page also conflates the above trope with a 'Maligned Interracial Relationship' trope, i.e. a couple composed of a black person and a white person being ostracized and discriminated against by the society they live in. These two tropes should be separated since one does not necessarily beget the other and they can exist independent of one another in a story, particularly as interracial relationships become more accepted. I also think creating a MIR page would be a good place to consolidate all such tropes, and even sort them by type since some relationships (Black/White, British/Indian, Chinese/Japanese) are treated differently depending on a country's history.
03:41:08 PM Aug 29th 2017
A name for the inversion could be Coal Burner. That would make a good alias.
06:50:37 PM Sep 15th 2011
Should we add every example of a blackman/white woman relationship, or just the ones that are shown as contriversial? Fairweather and Joel for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, for example, is technically an example, but (being what the show is) it's never a point of contention. Should we include them and examples similar?
03:44:16 PM Aug 29th 2017
Instrutuctions only say when controversial or highlighted.

That said, I would like to see a separate trope for tracking interracial romances which are neither highlighted or controversial. Mysticons seems headed in that direction with the princess and her wizard.

I dont remember Jake Long pursuing a white girl or Ron Stoppable pursuing a black girl being controversial/commented-on in the shiw so they could serve as a baseline.
03:10:41 AM Aug 30th 2017
If a romance is neither highlighted nor controversial, how is that a trope?
08:50:04 PM Oct 11th 2010
Why on earth is 10xRose described as 'one-sided'? It is explicitly not. If there is something I missed, then please tell me, otherwise I'll correct it.
11:14:15 PM Aug 7th 2010
Need some evidence that anti-black man/white woman bias is a remnant of slavery.

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