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01:34:47 PM May 11th 2014
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  • Wealthy men funded the Hawker and the Expeditor.

I've been trying to find out what books these characters come from, so I can add it to the entry since whoever added them didn't. And I'm having trouble. (I did find that Mr Church comes from the Joe Ledger books, which have a trope page, so I was able to add that.)

I found a character called John Eagle: Expeditor who appears in a series of spy novels by Paul Edwards, but he works for a guy in a volacno base called Mr Merlin who apparently employs him on behalf of a US spy agency, but won't tell him what it is. I suppose technically "funded by a wealthy man" covers that, but you'd think with a backstory like that you'd include the details. So it might be the same character (apparently he does have some wonderful toys, including Food Pills) but I'm not sure.

I also found reference to a series of novels called Hawker by Carl Ramm, but the main character is James Hawker, so I doubt he spells his name with a "the". "Funded by a wealthy man" does seem to be all there is to his backstory, but I can't find any reference to him having wonderful toys. So I'm even less sure about this one.
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