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01:34:54 PM Jan 17th 2016
Why were the folder titles deleted? I liked them.
03:29:39 PM Jan 17th 2016
edited by Freshmeat
This came up in ATT about half a month ago. You can still find it there with a quick search if you'd like to see the discussion. Cliff's note version is that they were considered unclear.
10:34:13 AM Jan 18th 2016
edited by TheUnsquished
Fighteer stated in ATT that "They make me want to puke. Murder them". So I did.
12:15:19 AM May 8th 2017
edited by Koveras
For the posterity, here are the original, pre-Bassman versions of the folder titles:

  • Anime and Manga eloped and married in Las Vegas. They now raise a family in Omaha.
  • Comic Books resigned as president of the company after an enlightening trip to Tibet. He now roams the land in his fully-paid-for luxury RV.
  • Fan Works wrote a novel while in prison, which topped the best-seller list for two months. After being paroled, he bought a modest condo in Manhattan and now lives there with his talk-show-host girlfriend.
  • Films — Animated eventually reconciled with her sister Live-Action, and now has a family not too far away in Orange County.
  • Films — Live-Action joined a cult operating out of rural Idaho, and had to undergo strenuous deprogramming. She now works as a motivational speaker in the Los Angeles area.
  • Literature left town on a motorcycle and was never heard from again.
  • Live-Action TV was taken prisoner, but escaped thanks to a sympathetic guard. They now live together in Fiji.
  • Music relocated to Chicago but was killed a few years later in a freak accident involving a steam shovel.
  • Newspaper Comics lived out his remaining years on his farm, with his son Web in his care.
  • Theatre stayed in the Army and was promoted to Colonel, but was killed in action in Iraq. A bronze statue now adorns the town square in his honor.
  • Video Games continued to live under the bridge, until she won big in the lottery. She now lives in a huge mansion on Cape Cod.
  • Visual Novels now runs the boarding school that she was once tortured in. The school is in its fourth year as the top-ranking private school in the state.
  • Web Comics made a small fortune selling crafts online while caring for his father Newspaper. He has since formed a company to oversee the farm and now lives with his family in Memphis.
  • Web Original continues to tour with his band, and still manages to sell a respectable amount of records.
  • Western Animation eventually got elected Senator by a thin margin, and is now in her fourth term.

PS: I found them funny. :-)
08:59:12 PM Jan 6th 2012
I had an idea for a better(?) title. In literature, the period known as the "epilogue" is normally described as the denouement of the story. It is the period between the resolution of the conflict and the actual end of the plot.

"Denouemontage" (Denouement + montage)

I don't know if *this* is the place for this type of discussion, but I couldn't think of a better one and I'm not about to go around changing it.
03:48:35 PM May 30th 2011
edited by R.G.
Will there ever be a "Where were they then" prologue?
12:49:41 PM Dec 22nd 2010
edited by putnamehere3145
The image doesn't appear to represent the trope at all; it's just someone walking away with a caption saying "thanks for stopping by" and a further caption saying "life goes on".

Some might say that it does, but coming from someone who's never even heard about the series this image is from, it doesn't seem to be related. I'm 100% sure this is from a "where are they now" epilogue, but the picture, by itself, cannot represent that.

01:34:07 PM Jan 17th 2016
edited by WhatArtThee
Whoops. Accidentally replied
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