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08:42:48 AM Sep 12th 2016
  • In the opera Carmen, Don José's first girlfriend Micaëla gets lots of screen time, including a love duet with José in Act I and her own rather famous aria in Act III. However, after the close of Act III, which contains not even the smallest amount of closure for her character, Micaëla is never mentioned again.

She... doesn't really have a character. She's represents Jose's simple life before Carmen, and she shows how far he's fallen in Act III. I can't imagine a version of Act IV that would fit her. And you have to remember, the point of opera isn't just the story, it's the singing. So putting her in Act III means there's three songs for the soprano, not just what's in act I.
11:38:49 AM Oct 7th 2014
This is something that i guessed recently. This is not something totally incidental? After all, the typical explanations to this are "the author forgot of the mouse" and "the author not guessed that the mouse was important".
03:38:30 PM Jan 13th 2014
"In James Blunt's "You're Beautiful", the first verse ends with the line "...but I've got a plan." We never find out what this plan involves, or if anything happens as a result of it. He later goes on to say that he "[doesn't] know what to do"."

Maybe the "plan" was to write a hit song that would be heard by millions of people...
10:27:11 PM Sep 1st 2013
Is there some purpose to all the stingers? Because they strike me as totally unnecessary.

And please, don't say it's Just for Fun. Dang JFF has been the bane of my existence in times past (two Thanos pages MFW)
08:04:46 AM Jul 15th 2013
I beg to differ. The trope namer is Bing Crosby's "Incident at Rogers Creek", which I heard repeatedly on Captain Kangaroo. Here, Daniel Boone is related an escape from hostile Indians..

"Well, was I lost?" "No, just bewildered." "Was I caught?" "No just surrounded." "Was I brave, and was I courageous? Well..." Children interrupt: "But what happened to the mouse?" "That was no mouse, that was me. And that's what you call 'escaping by a narrow squeak'."
08:14:37 AM Jul 15th 2013
It having happened to use the same words doesn't make it the trope namer, largely because nobody was thinking of it at all when they named the trope, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the trope.
09:46:13 PM Oct 9th 2012
I want to add Doctor Insano's presidency, but I don't know if that storyline was dropped or there was a line about how he was impeached.
08:50:07 PM Aug 12th 2012
Trying to figure out what they mean by 'The Last Emperor' scene, the mouse flying off and disappearing. I saw that back in ninth grade as part of the school's 'History of the Pacific Rim' class. (That'd be about 1993-1994.) The guards refuse to open the door that the boy emperor's mother lies dead behind. The mouse, when thrown, hits the door.

Let me guess... the video version I saw doesn't match the edited version approved by the big censoring heads as Appropriate for TV?
07:05:27 AM Feb 10th 2012
Another Back to the Future (Part 1) mouse... in the final scene, Einstein's not with Doc. Apparently fan outcry was sufficient that the screenwriters made explicit mention, early in Part 2, that he'd been left in a kennel in 2015.
12:32:04 PM Jan 28th 2012
Is the reference to Stephen King's "The Jaunt" the [[Trope-Namer]] in this case? One of the kids in the story constantly repeats "I wanna know what happened to the mice" throughout the story.
12:23:16 AM Dec 7th 2011
edited by pittsburghmuggle
Some of these, like "what happened to the characters at the end of Langoliers", aren't really What Happened to the Mouse?. If the story ends - no matter how abruptly - while still following the characters it's not really this trope. More of an "I'm not satisfied with how this ended".
04:30:45 AM Sep 7th 2011
Can we make a subform of this for prominent characters which become irrelevant to the plot. I'm thinking about a "Putting Hitler into the cupboard" trope as it was seen in episode 6.9 "Let's kill Hitler" of the 2005 Dr Who series.
05:55:40 PM Aug 29th 2011
My favorite answer for "What happened to X?" questions is: I did.
03:08:54 AM Dec 28th 2010
Addendum to deleting the Legend Of The Guardians entry: The scene just plain doesn't fit the trope. We, the audience, know what happened to Kludd. For this trope's purpose, the other characters don't count. Besides, one would think Soren would get around to mentioning that Kludd turned evil, "moonblinked" their little sister, tried to kill him and probably died a horrible fiery death.
11:28:49 AM Dec 9th 2010
Re: Deerskin - Her miscarriage is shown while she's in the cabin, before the goddess comes. It's not specifically called that, but since that's during the part of the book that she's barely recognizing the existence of the world around her, that's not surprising.
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