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08:33:50 AM Aug 6th 2012
Can a Well-Intentioned Extremist becomes a Complete Monster if they went too far with their actions?
10:40:13 AM Aug 6th 2012
No. A Complete Monster does evil on purpose and for its own sake rather than accidentally and for a greater good. They may get called You Monster! by other characters, though.
06:20:14 AM Nov 13th 2011
I would like to request that this Trope be placed under the No Real Life Examples rule. It is far too controversial a subject matter to feature Real Life examples of, seeing as labelling a person as such would implicitly justify whatever unethical things they do because the end result might be good in principle.

It's kinda similar to Asshole Victim (a trope which does't allow RL-examples) in that regard.
06:45:10 AM Nov 13th 2011
It makes sense.
01:21:23 PM Nov 8th 2011
So WHAT exactly seperates this from Visionary Villain?
01:28:33 PM Nov 8th 2011
edited by MagBas
"A villain who has an overall goal which the heroes can appreciate in principle, but whose methods of pursuing said goal (such as mass murder) are the problem; despite any sympathy they may have with his cause, the heroes have no choice but to stop him." hmm"which the heroes can appreciate in principle"?
05:49:26 AM Nov 9th 2011
Basically heroic goals.
06:21:55 AM Sep 12th 2011
Franco has to go from the Real Life examples because he was neither an extremist nor well intentioned. First, Franco was one of the more pragmatic and less extremist leaders of the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, which is one of the reasons why he became their leader - both fascists, royalists and conservatives could support him. Secondly, the claim that "the primary cause of the Spanish Civil War ... was the violent persecution of Christians under the secular republicans" is wrong. There was persecution of Christians in the Republic, but most of it took place during, not before, the war. The main reason the war began was that the officers of the Spanish army (who started the war) did not support the democratic constitution of the Republic, because it threatened the privileges of the officers and their allies (the aristocracy and the church), and gave the Communists influence (since people voted for them).

Of course YMMV on all real life examples, but Franco is a particularly bad one, not more "well intentioned" than your average dictators. So goodbye to him.
06:48:25 PM Oct 29th 2011
I'm really surprised that this page allows Real Life examples at all.
06:12:55 AM Nov 13th 2011
I agree with Warron. This Trope is often a very touchy subject even in fictional cases. Allowing Real Life examples of it is just asking for trouble.
09:59:29 PM May 28th 2011
This trope needs a YMMV page, particularly in regard to Real Life. Certain examples are explicitly labeled "YMMV".

08:05:58 PM May 5th 2011
Neo, stop adding Mother Teresa. She's widely regarded as a saint, and your insistence on adding her is a Flame War waiting to happen.
06:52:09 PM Apr 20th 2011
Who is this a picture of, and what about the picture shows that they're a particularly dangerous idealist?
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