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01:01:34 PM Sep 26th 2015
edited by ScorpiusOB1
Oddly enough the sourcebook of Forgotten Realms for Third Edition states Selūne orbits Toril at a distance of just 20,000 miles (eleven times closer than the Moon in Real Life). As it is similar in size to Luna, imagine the beauty of Faerūnian full moon nights... and the massive tides and earthquakes it would cause.

Spelljammer, however, puts it at 183,000 miles.
01:19:22 PM Jul 20th 2010
Why would you change it from the Majora's Mask moon, which is possibly one of the biggest examples of this trope?
08:43:30 PM Oct 17th 2011
I have to agree. The Majora's mask moon is a great example. The ET pic is just boring.

I think using the Soul Eater moon would be pretty cool too.
04:22:59 PM Oct 4th 2013
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Because the Majora's mask moon is on bad moon rising already. (for what it is worth, I think it is more appropriate on this page than on that one. Bad moon rising is supposed to be about objects in the sky that were not there yesterday. As far as we know Majora's Mask world always had a moon, it just got closer.
09:51:02 PM Oct 4th 2013
Cider pretty much nailed it.
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