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11:28:40 AM Oct 12th 2014
I think Ducky on NCIS would qualify here, as in a recent episode where he grabs an antique scalpel & nicks a much bigger & stronger armed opponent's brachial artery not only for self defense, but to put the thug in a position to have to give information so Ducky will save his life. I'm pretty sure he's done similar things in other episodes, can anyone back me up?
09:16:02 AM Jun 27th 2011
"Standing over her, Tim then explains this trope: If he can't match someone with skill or strength, he'll beat them with his smarts."

This trope is Weak, but Skilled...

I'm fairly sure that you cannot claim this Trope is explained if he discounts skill in his speech.

Doesn't this one belong more in Crazy-Prepared or one of the Gambit tropes?
10:18:07 AM Feb 7th 2011
The "women" Real Life Example claims that women have stronger legs than men do. Is this true? I always thought that men had stronger legs than women, just not by very much.

06:33:57 AM Aug 15th 2010
the real life examples need to be shortened just to "martial arts", because really, all of the eastern martial arts are this in their very nature, with the possible exception of tiger shaolin.
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