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08:25:18 PM Oct 28th 2015
My cousin has said that RAF engineers were given uniforms without pockets, because it's easy to leave an essential small part like a machine screw in a pocket when walking away from an aircraft. I can't find any reference for this online though. Has anyone else heard a similar story?
08:01:31 PM Jan 29th 2015
Question: where the hell *is* the Real Life section of the page? Any reason why it was removed and if there is a good reason for it, why not remove the note at the top of the page to check the aforementioned Real Life section?
02:26:05 AM Jan 30th 2015
A Batman39 removed it for having nothing to do with the future. This page may need a trip here; that section seems fairly questionable to me.
09:50:54 PM Jun 3rd 2014
In the "Real Life" section of this page, it mentions off the rack clothing having pockets sewn shut for fashion reasons. Typically, pockets are sewn shut for ease of construction and it's expected they will be cut open, but is that too nit-picky to change in the page?
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