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05:09:03 PM Jan 2nd 2017
I can't help but notice Atomic Robo: Unearthed isn't in the Comics section. Those cyborg soldiers Helsingard built qualify, and this trope is referenced:

Tesladyne Scientist: "They're human?" Robo: "Not anymore. Aim low."

And while we're about it, Helsingard himself qualifies as well. In Atomic Robo: The Fightin' Scientists Of Tesladyne, he turns himself into a glowing blue thing with the "power of the Vril Organ", and then when Robo defeats him, his consciousness is transferred into a brain in a jar on a robot body. It makes sense in context.
06:05:57 PM Mar 25th 2013
"The orcs-from-elves theory is only one possible theory - Tolkien never exactly clarifies where the orcs came from. Some dislike the idea that orcs were literally corrputed elves as that would imply the orcs have genuine sentience and intelligence, which Tolkien implies on a few occasions is not the case, so some suggest the orcs are corruptions of various non-sentient animals."

Unless part of the corruption was a magical lobotomy/mental degradation.
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