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10:38:00 PM Jan 13th 2012
What episodes/seasons of TMNT '87 did Wang work on? The only studios I recall seeing in the credits were Toei, A-1 (not the Aniplex spin-off), Morning Sun, and Dai Won. That said, I haven't seen every episode.
08:34:06 AM Jan 26th 2013
edited by philipnova798
They would have been uncredited, as mentioned on the series page. Fellow studio Hanho Heung-Up also lists the series as one of their credits despite the show never giving proper credit.

They did it with pretty much all the studios besides the ones you mentioned. Even the Ireland studio never received proper credit (Even though, like Hanho, they're confirmed).

I mostly followed Wikipedia with that one though and to be fair, there isn't a truly accurate listing since IMDB and Wiki are incomplete and Wang's website doesn't even have a list. Let alone their site having been active since 2007 or so.
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