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09:26:54 PM Nov 25th 2015
Would it be okay to make this page a Self-Demonstrating Article?
02:09:10 AM Nov 26th 2015
Nah, rendering the page text unreadable (which is what a Wall of Text is, after all) does not strike me as a good idea. Maybe make a SelfDemonstrating.Wall Of Text page, instead.
01:09:52 AM Nov 15th 2012
"The incoherent, babbling, jargon-filled mess that is the job description critiqued in this blog article, and it isn't exactly helped by some of the worst grammar to ever exist in something that was supposed to attract people to the job: three full stops in the entire block of text, random capitalisation and abuse of apostrophes. This borderline Word Salad was more likely to have put people off applying than it was to generate recruits."

Putting people off might have been the point. A couple friends of mine have run into this: A (usually government) position is open. Regs say that the position must be advertised. The resident powers-that-be in the dept with the open position already have someone they want in the position.

Two ways to handle it: One is to write a minute description that applies best to the favored candidate. The other is the sort of ridiculous word salad referred above. Something that contains everything required for the ad, and way too much more.

The first way has a tendency to bring in candidates anyway. The second... do you really want to work for the apparent airheads that run that place?
08:36:53 PM May 6th 2012
I'm seriously tempted to ignore the comment about self-illustrativeness. This is such an obvious opportunity it's almost painful not to do it.
09:39:07 PM Sep 9th 2011
The first two paragraphs are beautiful.
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