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06:13:39 AM Sep 28th 2011
Probably a stupid question, but: which position exactly does this trope refer to? The one where the lady is facing the guy and is held up by him, or the one where she is standing up and facing the wall? Or both? The description seems to imply the first one, but the examples have it both ways...
01:12:47 PM Oct 28th 2010
Took down the image due to the advertising issue.
08:29:29 PM Feb 17th 2011
"advertising"?? Would you mind to ellaborate in that one please?
12:14:35 AM Feb 21st 2011
That's probably a reference to the Google debacle a while ago, when they pulled ads from pages with 'objectionable' content. It lost TV Tropes a crapton of revenue.
12:15:00 PM Oct 3rd 2010
Why DO we have the subjective warning label? Was this confused with Wall Banger?
07:13:43 AM Oct 7th 2010
Probably, since Wall Bang (a recently launched trope about characters in fiction banging their heads against the wall in frustration) also has it.
09:53:31 PM Sep 30th 2010
edited by TwinBird
Why does this have the... whatever it's called warning label? Maybe it Needs a Better Title now, but it seems pretty cut-and-dried.

(And what is that warning label called?)
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