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09:30:43 PM Dec 28th 2015
Why do we need a wall of pages that this is prone to happen in, right in the page telling people not to do it?
02:01:56 AM Dec 29th 2015
As an illustration for which pages are likely to have this problem.
08:02:35 AM Dec 29th 2015
Alright, but no other "don't do this" pages to my knowledge do this.

This Troper, Conversation in the Main Page, and Flame Bait don't list pages likely to contain them.
09:07:31 AM May 3rd 2011
What about Difficult, but Awesome (and similar gameplay-related tropes)? Walkthrough Mode is necessary to explain why something is an example of Difficult, but Awesome.

Is Walkthrough Mode allowed on these pages? If yes: Shouldn't we mention that on this page? Just asking.
12:36:02 PM Jun 26th 2011
It's not necessary at all. You just need a concise description that goes into just enough depth to get the relevant facts across. "This character is Difficult, but Awesome because X,Y, and Z make him a pain to learn, but master him and you'll have benefits A and B." Anything more detailed than that should be avoided.
02:00:59 PM Aug 11th 2011
09:43:37 PM Oct 12th 2015
This is another disappointing one. Any situation where more detail should be avoided is a situation to be avoided.
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