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09:07:31 AM May 3rd 2011
What about Difficult but Awesome (and similar gameplay-related tropes)? Walkthrough Mode is necessary to explain why something is an example of Difficult but Awesome.

Is Walkthrough Mode allowed on these pages? If yes: Shouldn't we mention that on this page? Just asking.
12:36:02 PM Jun 26th 2011
It's not necessary at all. You just need a concise description that goes into just enough depth to get the relevant facts across. "This character is Difficult but Awesome because X,Y, and Z make him a pain to learn, but master him and you'll have benefits A and B." Anything more detailed than that should be avoided.
02:00:59 PM Aug 11th 2011
09:43:37 PM Oct 12th 2015
This is another disappointing one. Any situation where more detail should be avoided is a situation to be avoided.
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