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12:21:35 PM Oct 30th 2015
Does the category have to specifically be about Fanservice examples? The Smurfs themselves are prime examples of this trope, and they're just humanoid creatures that aren't made to be Fanservice-type characters.
10:26:40 AM Sep 6th 2013
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The disclaimer that this is an Always Male trope is a bit odd. Why can't this trope apply if a female character does this in, for example, a work from a culture without the Nipple and Dimed taboo (not that I have a specific example)? Seems like a case of We All Live in America.

EDIT: There are female examples on the page, which is good, but I think the trope description and disclaimer should be altered to account for that. I'd like the hear what others think first rather than just doing it, though, since it'd be a somewhat significant change.
12:57:49 PM Sep 29th 2014
You may want to raise the issue in Trope Talk. You'd get more feedback there; in my experience, hardly anyone looks at discussion pages for most trope articles.
04:17:28 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by serizawa3000
Could it be said that Indian actor Sabu (who was Abu in The Thief of Bagdad) had something of a Walking Shirtless career?
11:02:14 AM Jan 8th 2011
How does Sonic not qualify?
10:36:25 AM Apr 18th 2011
edited by TARDISES
There's something else entirely for characters like him.
10:43:09 PM Sep 4th 2010
You know, a woman who wears nothing but pasties on her chest  * technically qualifies as a Walking Shirtless Scene. I don't know of any actual examples, but the point still stands.

11:12:49 AM May 7th 2010
So what do you call a guy whose Shirtless "Scene" encompasses a whole episode uninterrupted?
11:47:22 AM May 7th 2010
A really long shirtless scene. Not this trope.
03:40:34 PM May 7th 2010
So he doesn't count as a Walking Shirtless Scene within the scope of that episode, then?
07:49:48 PM May 7th 2010
edited by Sparkysharps
Walking Shirtless Scene is a Costume Trope. If the shirtlessness isn't incorporated into the character's costume (ie. A fighting game character with a default or alt costume that has him exposed), it's not this.
10:46:16 PM Sep 4th 2010
So, if the character has one costume among several that has shirtlessness (or at least complete chest and abdomen exposure) as an intrinsic component, does he still count? That's what I get from the Playing With article's Zig Zagged Trope entry.
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