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09:41:57 PM Aug 9th 2013
  • Watch a majority of Stephen Chow's golden age movies. A majority have this by the bucketloads. Hail the Judge, Flirting Scholar, Lawyer Lawyer, it is a trademark of his since he specializes in Mo Le Tau style of comedy. This is lampshaded in Hail the Judge when the title character can talk trash to the extent of making his opponent spew blood, making water explode and freaking raising the dead.

The titles in this entry need to be split up into their own examples and fleshed out. Could those who know help out please?
05:33:02 PM Mar 16th 2013
What is when they start a heated quarrel, but they end up adressing the real problem and comforting each other, reconciling, while they keep the quarreling tone and look?
09:41:11 PM Aug 9th 2013