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01:01:13 AM Jan 20th 2013
The Joe Versus The Volcano example doesn't seem to apply; the volcano did not require a virgin sacrifice, instead, it required a willing sacrifice. The villagers on the island were unwilling so Joe's employer (who got valuable resources from the island) convinced him the he had an incurable disease and should sacrifice himself for the greater good.
10:55:02 PM Sep 17th 2012
About the Rance example...

I was the one who added the Rance example. May I know the reason why it was deleted? It seemed relevant to the trope at hand and I didn't add what I think is unnecessary natter...
02:13:01 AM Sep 18th 2012
Some works relating to Rance have been removed from the wiki under the Content Policy. Your example was deleted as it came from one of them, though Ojamajo Lime Pie should have stated this in his edit reason.
07:20:19 PM Mar 1st 2012
Uh.. on the bit about Jephthah's daughter. It is not necessarily a misinterpretation that she was literally sacrificed. Many apologists and theologians in recent centuries assert it was a metaphor, and they can produce some evidence, but it not conclusive nor the interpretation that was most common throughout history.
07:17:05 AM Apr 3rd 2012
Good point. I changed that bit, and moved this from the article to here on the grounds of whut:

  • Jesus had to be a virgin in order for the ransom to work, as it was his giving up the chance to have his own sinless human descendants that allowed one man to ransom ALL of mankind.

I think this should have more background about where it's held. I looked it up and found that a seventh-century Orthodox writer may have thought so, but that isn't much help. If you, the reader, can do something about this, please do, I won't be checking up on this page...
07:58:30 PM May 22nd 2011
edited by Morpheus6177
Belinda and Eva naked, wearing loin cloths in (Nudo e selvaggio Massacre in Dinosaur Valley; Cannibal Ferox 2) (1985).
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