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02:56:59 PM May 9th 2016
If Skyler White of Breaking Bad is even an antagonist at all (which is debatable, especially given that Walt claims to be doing everything he does for his family), she's surely a Hero Antagonist. When she tries to dig into Walt's criminal double life, it's only because he's leading a criminal double life.

So if she's not presented as a "villain", and she's not a villain, the fact that a lot of fans hate her doesn't seem like enough to land her on a trope about villains.
12:12:55 PM Feb 27th 2012
This is very similar to (and has a lot of overlap with) Protagonist-Centered Morality.
01:39:37 PM May 8th 2013
Protagonist-Centered Morality is when the work strongly emphasizes the morality of the protagonists, even if their actions don't line up.

This is when the villain is a jerk, but doesn't do that much wrong.

Neither has any relation to the other.
11:21:52 AM Jul 2nd 2011
Removed that bit about Candace from Phineas and Ferb. As mentioned there, she is a sympathetic character herself.
04:57:40 PM Apr 4th 2010
Alright, that's better.
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