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05:04:40 PM Jul 31st 2014
Pulled from the Film section:

  • In Jurassic Park, it's the T. rex that literally appears out of nowhere to save the heroes from the raptors. How it appeared there without anyone noticing, or why the protagonists are now less terrified than they were earlier, remains completely unexplained (there was a barely noticeable hole in the wall it possibly came in through). According to the Word of God, the producers were struggling with the ending when they came to the realization that it was really the hero of the movie, and that was when everything fell into place.

This isn't a Villainous Rescue, it's Always a Bigger Fish, and already listed there.
04:45:40 PM Nov 1st 2014
And I just had to re-pull that example, under a different wording. Maybe the editing note I added will get people to stop adding it.
11:58:23 AM Jun 24th 2013
... do we really need such an exhaustive list of "maybes"? Plus there's a huge number of overlap/very specific versions.
01:02:17 PM Jun 24th 2013
Well, I reduced the basic number of "maybes" through putting it at the top of the list instead of in every item, which makes it look better but doesn't really reduce the problem.
11:22:45 PM Sep 1st 2011
edited by EcliptorCalrissian
Now that Big Damn Villains has been renamed Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work, can we please rename this Big Damn Villains (since it is about villains pulling a Big Damn Heroes and was what I (I was the one who YKTTW'd this trope) and others wanted it named originally? Pretty please? Villainous Rescue is such a boring title and only exists because what it should have been named was taken (by a trope that has since been renamed.)
06:49:51 PM Aug 21st 2012
Seconding this.
06:57:54 PM Aug 21st 2012
Take it to the TRS. Discussion won't help much. :(
08:29:49 AM May 21st 2011
Would Johnny Quick's Heel Face Turn in "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" when he steps up to do what Batman knew Flash shouldn't do (alas, it happened; Batman came back just a little too late to keep the drain of Johnny's act from killing him)? "Hey, it's MY universe too," Johnny had said when he knew it had to be done to stop Owlman, whose taking the QED showed he was now Dragon in Chief if not full-blown True Big Bad.
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