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09:56:50 PM Sep 8th 2012
Am I the only one being surprised by not finding Black&White and Balck&White2 here?
12:30:53 AM Sep 9th 2012
edited by Tomodachi
Thank you F3 button:

"The 5th generation of Pokemon introduced Audino, a pseudo-replacement for Chansey. They're these adorable little pink, rabbity critters that can be encountered in nearly every patch of grass in the game under the right conditions. They also have an insanely high experience yield. Perfect for grinding, right? You Monster."

Well, the cruelty is lampshaded whit team plasma... and later it becomes hypocritical humor.
12:58:42 PM Aug 23rd 2012
edited by Fallingwater
I can't put it in the article, but this Reddit discussion is FULL of this trope. Have fun.
05:50:21 PM Jan 22nd 2018
another reddit thread with some interesting examples, for reference:
01:11:12 AM May 18th 2012
This might just be me, but Metal Gear Solid 2 had an interesting one. You can get a tranquiliser gun with infinite rounds and there's a freeze spray that temporarily disarms bombs. You can tranq a guard, use a proper gun to shoot out his legs and then spray him in the face to wake him up and watch him realise he can no longer walk. Or take out his radio so he can't call for help. Or take out his arms so that his radio still works, but he cannot reach it. Or leave him with one still-functioning limb and see how far he gets.
09:30:46 PM Jan 11th 2011
—- There's a webcomic strip floating around somewhere that should be linked. Basically it's a Star Trek: Voyager redshirt having fun in the holodeck with his friends when the ship is attacked. Everything goes to hell and he manages to escape on a shuttle with Kes, his secret love, who is dying. She croaks and he prepares for death as everyone is gone. And then...program over. The redshirt's friends had changed the program when he wasn't looking and they are laughing at him.
02:40:44 PM Apr 9th 2010
I split off the folders near the top into new, independent pages. While they should be clearly defined the examples were a bit of a mess to work with, and many had to be axed. I could do a similar job on this page, but that might be going too far.
08:43:20 PM Mar 12th 2010
The sheer size of the "Unchecked Player Rampage" section seems to be breaking the folders for the page. Anyone got ideas on how to split it further?
01:37:35 PM Mar 13th 2010
Until I get another idea, maybe split it in to naming one Unchecked Player Rampage A and the other Unchecked Player Rampage B? Just a thought; it's not perfect, but it might save the page from looking like the mess it does now!
08:53:05 AM Mar 14th 2010
Idea: Divide into Unchecked Player Rampage by game category (Action, RPG, Shooter, Simulations, War/Strategy).
06:53:21 PM Apr 8th 2010
Should Unchecked Player Rampage perhaps become a subtrope of Videogame Cruelty Potential? Just a thought.
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