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12:14:40 AM Jul 29th 2013
Would the 48 FPS for scenes in games and 24 FPS for scenes in real world be a form of Color Wash?
07:09:58 AM May 17th 2013
Anyone notice that, in Field of Fire, the factions shown are Canadian and Mexican armies? I feel like something should be said for that, but I don't know where to put it.

The only reason I can think of for Canadians and Mexicans fighting is that they're fighting over American territory... interesting plot, I think.
01:11:34 PM Aug 13th 2013
I think it's because if there were an American team, then EVERYONE would wanna be an American.

Your theory works, too, though.
10:51:01 AM Jul 13th 2012
I'm rewatching the series and I noticed the Milwaukee invitational getting mentioned repeatedly. However, since it's not a background even that's getting necessarily hyped or considered bad/wacky, I don't think it qualifies as a noodle incident necessarily. Thoughts?
04:40:16 PM Jul 5th 2012
Gun Kata - do you think that the way how Brian uses handgun in final duel qualifies as that? He totally knocked Law's handgun in last second, spoiling Law's aim at the moment when bullet would have been otherwise on way to his head...
02:44:27 PM Jun 28th 2012
How do you think the Law is going to get screwed over? Because we all know it's going to happen.
05:42:43 AM Jul 2nd 2012
Beaten by Brian in Field of Fire. It would make for a good example of Book Ends and Laser-Guided Karma, especially if he gets expelled for it.
02:11:38 PM Jun 28th 2012
edited by Aurabolt
Yeah, I'm finally sick and tired of the Dean. If he paid any attention to the sitaution at all, he would have pulled The Law and the rest of them away from Brian so that he might sign up for FPS. Either he's really that much of an asshole for no reason, or he's literally supporting the varsity in every possible manner and screw the new kids. At this point, it isn't just simple repremand, this is full-on suing people territory by Episode 7.

Also, Ted needs to stop being an idiot and see what Freddie is doing. Its pretty clear to anyone else, and his girlfriend did the right thing.

Oh, and Brian's the asshole? You don't have it hard in VGHS, Jenny. Brian has, and has since he got here. She has no right to look down on him.
06:08:16 PM Jun 29th 2012
Yeah, Brian's expulsion made little sense in context, especially since The Law was deliberately obstructing Brian from signing up for FPS, along with insulting him. However, think of it this way; there's a huge riot in the school stemming from Brian's fight with The Law, which probably wouldn't have happened if Brian had kept his cool. Now, Brian threw the first punch, so obviously he's the instigator, and he's had a very low performance ever since Episode 5 and was supposed to lose a match in Episode 6. The fight was just the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Jenny calling Brian an asshole also made very little sense, since Brian is anything but an asshole. However, though, Brian's fight with The Law might be directly related to Jenny not getting into Varsity FPS, and Jenny was probably mad enough at Brian for starting a fight with The Law to not think clearly, and blamed him as a result.
05:41:49 AM Jul 2nd 2012
The trailer has a part where the Dean says "I hate that kid", referring to Brian, so he might just be doing whatever he can to get him expelled.

Ted seems to have seen what Freddie is doing as of episode 8.

For Jenny, the above post explains it well enough.
11:08:09 AM Jul 5th 2012
edited by Aurabolt
Yeah, I have no problems with Jenny anymore; her anger is well-established and justified in-story with emotional context...though a bit more extreme and misguided towards people who might deserve it more from where I stand. But it is at least understandable.

My biggest problem is Dean Calhoun. His motivations for his hatred have lost me completely and are vain and rather unnecessary. Yes, he was a new kid. Guess what; so was the Law at one point. In fact, he didn't really redeem himself in Episode 9; the bastard simply let him play because he realizes-somewhere deep down in that black twisted scape of his own mind-that what Brian was doing here was right on some level. He has no reason to hate Brian, and he has no reason to look down on him the way he does-not by what we're given in the story.

Oh, and did I miss something? Jenny clearly has attraction for him due to her body language and he did make a move. Why aren't they together?
03:25:53 AM Jun 22nd 2012
So apparently, Brian is expelled from VGHS in Episode 7. Thing is, there are still 2 more episodes. So, how are they going to play out the remaining episodes with the protagonist not technically in school?
09:45:51 PM Jan 3rd 2013
Any well-versed troper would predict:
  • Episode 7 = Expelled, as seen.
  • Episode 8 = Reinstated. Probably a technicality. This would do well for a foreshadowing for "reading the rules."
  • Episode 9 = Final Showdown. Probably Book-Ends so that Brian wins a one-on-one with The Law.

Right now? On Episode 7.
10:16:25 PM Jan 3rd 2013
It doesn't quite play out like that, but it's close:

Episode 8 = There is indeed a technicality, but it only allows him to compete. It doesn't guarantee his reinstatement.

Episode 9 = A Final Showdown ensues, but Brian doesn't exactly win his one-on-one match. The Law is creaming him until Jenny comes and helps him out. Statement about The Power of Friendship rather than Book Ends. Then he gets reinstated, because his performance moved him back to the ranking charts, albeit at the lowest rank.
07:13:42 PM Jun 17th 2012
Wait so is the guy in the red jacket Games Dean or The Games Dean? The latter makes sense grammatically but loses the Rebel Without a Cause Shout-Out the character seems to be.
05:40:14 AM Jul 2nd 2012
It's just Games Dean.
07:13:42 PM Jun 17th 2012
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[Double Post]
10:17:36 AM Jun 8th 2012
So there are a lot of mentions about how in the last episode Brian D gets curb stomped and tries to fight The Law directly thinking he can best him. However, if you watch the episode you'll notice that he was incredibly demotivated due to The Law taunting him in the locker room and he didn't actually think he had a chance against him one on one. The only reason he actually tried (maybe, it's a kill reel so it could just be that The Law singled him out for most of the match) was "Give the people what they want." He never really thought he had a chance and was disobeying Jenny's orders because he thought the only reason he was on the team was because The Law told her to put him on the team.
04:32:14 PM Jun 16th 2012
That's what I've been thinking too. Plus, in episode 6, we saw Brian actually do pretty awesome and take down the Games Dean and his cronies once he was motivated. So it's not that Brian sucks; he's good, but only when he feels like he has a chance.
04:47:04 PM Jul 5th 2012
Not only that. In CTF he wasted precious time by aiming rocket launcher at Law's back and getting it into locked up position. After Law dodged rocket, Brian wasn't able to react and was consequently shot. For the rest of the match he clearly lost both motivation as well as concentration.
12:55:40 PM May 31st 2012
So, is there a good reason why Brian D is hated, exactly? Yeah, he got in with luck, but that's no reason for the Headmasters and the rest of the school to hate him, even with the Survival of the Fittest mindset. We all know he hasn't done anything totally wrong yet.
06:44:54 PM May 31st 2012
The Law hates him for humiliating him, the dean hates him (or is at least disappointed in him) for having such a low score and only getting in through pure luck, and the other students hate him because of Ted making the Brianpalooza posters, making Brian look extremely narcissistic.
11:11:33 AM Jun 14th 2012
edited by Aurabolt
The Law? Fine.

The Dean? An idiot who honestly believes he has a right to pick on a kid. I'm sorry, his responsibility is to teach someone, and the same can be said of his faculty. He is failing at that function.

The Students? They should pay no mind whatsoever to Ted, a known social pariah. Take Brian on his own merits.

Oh, and the fact that Jenny even says he's to blame for that game going sour? She played him. She broke her own directives. Everything in that match was her fault, not his. The Law picked up the pieces where she began, and she should take some credit.
04:29:43 PM Jun 16th 2012
Well, I agree that the Dean and the rest of the faculty are definitely being too hard. However, for the students, it's not that they should've paid no mind to Ted; they probably do, but when the posters were made, there was no indication that Ted made them, so the students likely thought it was Brian that made them.

And yeah, Jenny did play Brian and cause the problems, only to blame him, but think about it. At that time, Jenny viewed Brian as nothing more than an obsessive fanboy, pretty much, and likely only put him on the team for the scrimmage to get him to leave her alone. Then, not wanting him to ruin their game, she gave him a horrible position, only for him to disobey and try and actually give the people what they wanted. I'm not saying it wasn't her fault; I'm just saying she did have a reason for what she did.
09:22:28 PM Nov 30th 2012
Brian was a complete fuckup during the scrimmage. He was told to get to a position where he could cover Jenny while she completed the objective, and instead he abandoned the plan to focus on blowing up The Law and gaining bragging rights. Even if he hadn't coincidentally fired a rocket right as Jenny ran into the field of fire, she could have very easily found herself getting shot by some random enemy that Brian could have killed from the position she wanted to put him in.

After that, it just got worse. He was unable to concentrate and The Law spent the whole game repeatedly killing him while he didn't pay a bit of attention. Brian had skill, yes, but he didn't have the discipline necessary to use it and was emotionally fragile enough to let things get to him.
10:14:40 PM Jan 3rd 2013
Mainly @R.L. Yoshi:

1) Jenny ends up admitting that she knew The Law's plans for Brian. She also knows that The Law is a Jerkass who would toy with Brian. And yet she told him to sit in a hole and throw grenades. If anything, the loss was precisely her fault because she was in the perfect position to build Brian's emotional strength and discipline. Things only really got to him because she allowed them to.

2) The picture on the posters was of Brian sleeping. Brian even comments on this by asking "Did you take a picture of me while I was sleeping?" Who would seriously think that someone whose picture on the poster advertising a party is the originator of the party? Keep in mind that his roommate would be Ted, who already was discussed as being a social pariah, and that everyone who knows Ted would know this. And then it becomes an easy jump to realize "Brian probably didn't make the poster."
10:36:20 AM Feb 6th 2013
@ Abra The 'Nade spam was Brian's own thing.
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