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06:12:11 PM Jul 17th 2015
OK, so considering how overdosed this trope is, i propose separating this trope into two sub-tropes, with examples going under one or the other. The sub-tropes shall be Values Dissonance-Time, and Values Dissonance-Region/Culture, as I see those as differing in the manner of dissonance. Any thoughts?
03:08:26 AM Jul 18th 2015
Seems fairly nitpicky/arbitrary to me. I'd recommend against.
04:33:44 PM Jul 19th 2015
Hmm. I thought it would be like how Artistic License and Double Standard have sub-categories such as Artistic License-History or Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male.
02:22:01 PM Apr 21st 2016
I just thought it would look nicer if the examples were better organized.
02:39:52 PM Jun 14th 2015
edited by cricri3007
Considering it´s present in almost all medium, where do i put the fact that showing death (suicide, décapitation,etc,..) is mostly okay but the second a (female) nipple is shown, everyone scream scandal ?
10:44:19 PM Feb 2nd 2015
So, why does Anime and Manga section have general folder while Western Animation don't have one? Obviously, not anyone that browses Tv tropes are from the United States. Myself included.
01:00:07 AM Feb 3rd 2015
"General" folders ought to be deleted - we only want specific examples.
06:17:18 PM Dec 17th 2013
Why no real life examples allowed all of a sudden? They were perfectly fine! What happened that we could allow IRL examples of values dissonance before but not now?
08:02:40 PM Apr 6th 2014
I agree.
09:36:24 AM Aug 2nd 2014
09:39:48 AM Aug 2nd 2014
What happened is that discussion and vote here disallowed them. It was a while ago and thus I don't remember the reasons anymore.
10:45:22 PM Apr 9th 2011
The one suggestion under Troper Tales about eliminating all monotheistic religions does not strike me as a "meaningful" philosophical question; it just seems like something a troll put up to get people at each other's throats. Should it be deleted?
11:04:17 PM Jun 25th 2010
edited by Fanra
Just to mention the paragraph:

"Across all the advanced civilizations of Earth's history, for example, we humans have been able to agree on very few acts that nobody should find justifiable: first-degree murder, rape, sex with prepubescent children, bullying the defenseless, property destruction, robbery (at least if done for completely selfish purposes), fraud, bestiality, and treason (at least in one's own country)."

Is actually incorrect. It's a value judgment. Rather than go into a ton of examples, let's just say that first-degree murder of a 30 year old Adolf Hitler, assuming you had a time machine, would not be something most people would consider wrong. I could make some other examples of these as well.

Yes, I know some people will say I'm nit picking, but the entire idea of TV Tropes is to take a good look at the underpinnings of fiction (and therefore society). Assuming something is set in stone as "all the advanced civilizations of Earth's history" is really a failure to think.
12:39:00 AM Jul 16th 2010
Yeah, it really, really isn't that universal at all. Look at Roman pederasty or the treatment of rape in medieval Europe (which was more based on class than the actual act itself). Most of what the paragraph mentioned actually has gotten kicked around or treated as normal in many cultures, who reach very different conclusions.

Given that this is Values Dissonance, we're kinda missing the point if we make assumptions here.
11:29:47 AM Oct 25th 2011
I can't remember if it was Robert Anton Wilson or Timothy Leary, but one of them said that the one universal taboo is on having no taboos.
05:04:43 PM Aug 26th 2013
The original quote might be more generally correct, if you added "(except as legally-mandated punishment / justified revenge / self-defence /in war or otherwise against an enemy / against someone not a member of our group/class/tribe/nation / or if really necessary for ... some reason.")
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