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08:35:33 AM Aug 2nd 2010
Would anyone object to me adding a Crowning Music of Awesome to this page? I was just watching the film and thought "Hang on, the marching band is playing the Star Wars theme to welcome alien visitors? AWESOME!"
06:04:47 PM Aug 2nd 2010
Do not add crowning anything to a main article. We have namespaces for that.
10:08:02 PM Apr 1st 2010
Just one question: who is it who plays Kyle Hobbes? I've been trying to look the guy up, but no one anywhere on the Internet seems to know where he is. (My Google Fu is not strong, apparently.) Anyone got a lead for me?
06:46:25 PM May 19th 2010
Charles Mesure Also played Archangel Micheal on Hercules and Xena. Though, I still don't recognize him. I always use IMDB rather than Google to find the names of actors.
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