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01:54:51 AM Aug 2nd 2010
I've been reading this "Urban Dictionary", and I have come to a few conclusions:

1) It is not a dictionary. It's an encyclopedia. A dictionary only deals with words in the English language, while an encyclopedia does all of this, but also gives a summary of people, events, animals etc... The Urban Dictionary fits the definition of the latter.

2) It is a generally unreliable website, since it gives opinions, rather than just definitions. The people on the site are very outspoken, and are quick to throw dirt at Justin Bieber and Twilight. A reliable encyclopedia/dictionary gives neutral, unbiased entries on different subjects, because people gain more knowledge about something when it's neutral than when the perception of something has been warped by people's biases.

3) It is an incredibly rude, derogatory website. The language is coarse like sandpaper, when a more reliable source of knowledge would keep the profanity low so people can access the knowledge more easily.

But the site is useful if you want to know the defintion of the word "sharting". Other than that, avoid. So what do you people think of it?
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