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01:04:54 PM Dec 7th 2017
The Left 4 Dead example should either be deleted or moved to Unwinnable By Mistake because it eventually kills you thus rendering you unstuck & it doesn't require insanity since the A.I is so terrible that you usually do it by mistake.
08:24:14 AM Sep 27th 2017
The Legend of Zelda > Ocarina of Time > Bottle Adventure needs a serious rewrite.
07:08:45 PM May 6th 2017
Should this page be added to No real life example please?
07:01:34 AM Jul 16th 2015
Removed this from the page:

  • Not unwinnable in this case since you can still go on the final mission, and if you're very skilled and lucky, you can still beat it with one soldier. It's just very, very difficult and highly unrecommended.

Examples must be about actually Unwinnable cases. For one to fot, there truly has to be no way to revert the situation. If there happens to be a remedy, no matter how extremely difficult it is, then it doesn't fit.
07:51:49 PM Jun 19th 2015
Props to whoever wrote the 3rd Homestuck example for making it pretty much spoiler-free.
12:50:20 AM Sep 25th 2013
I deleted these, if someone disagrees they can fix them.

An old Amstrad game from the 80s, called Total Eclipse, has this setup; a newly unearthed Egyptian pyramid contains an ancient curse - if the apex of the pyramid is ever at the heart of a total eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, then the Moon will explode and shower the Earth, killing everyone. Your job as an adventurer/archaelogist is to travel through the pyramid, solving puzzles and disabling or avoiding traps, to reach the apex of the pyramid and stop the curse before the next solar eclipse. Oh, which is going to happen in just under 2 hours. It's entirely possible to make the game completely unwinnable at any moment, by saving whilst standing in a deadly position (such as directly in front of one of many poisonous spike traps), or saving just moments before the eclipse that kills everyone. (This one sounds like just a textbook case of "saving in a place where you can't win" which is mentioned at the top of the page. Any game with the ability to save at any time has these problems, so I don't think they deserve inclusion.)

In Myst, if you ignore Atrus' very specific advice, it is possible to be trapped with him in D'ni forever. He calls you an idiot and proceeds to ignore you. Likewise, in Riven, it's possible to enter the trap book after already trapping Ghen in it (which freed you from it, so you already know what's going to happen). Similar result. (These mistakes are single-cause and don't sound very hard to make. Not to mention it sounds like the game has custom content for when these decisions are made.)
04:11:15 AM Apr 7th 2012
Moved this to UnwinnableByMistake.Other Video Games, becuase, while I'm not familiar with the game, this doesn't really sound like something that "insane" or unlikely to happen in a playthrough:
* In the original Just Cause the second-to-last mission involves chasing something down and destroying it in a super-fast jet. Some people assume the jet will be useless after this mission and feel free to bail out of their jet as soon as said target is destroyed. The game will then autosave while you're in freefall or parachuting to safety, and you will find out quickly that you needed that jet for the next mission. At best, the jet will be just out of reach of your grapple and zoom away into the distance without you. If you're unlucky, it smashes into the ground in a fireball. You then have no choice but to start the game again, as during these final missions you can't go into free roam and access the mission again that way.
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