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06:45:14 PM Aug 14th 2011
edited by PaxEmpyrean
Berserker from History's Strongest Disciple is not an example. He's an untrained prodigy who has phenomenal natural skill. He's not just using brute strength. The trope description mentions "natural talents" in reference to things other than skill, because the lack of skill, not lack of training, is essential to the trope. I'll leave it in for now, but I'm wondering what others think about this one.
12:05:18 AM May 3rd 2011
* Demona of Gargoyles, apparently, as Elisa can easily outfight her when she's in human form. Elisa even mocks her for it.

I'd argue it's really more of a case of Involuntary Shapeshifting side-effects- in that fight, Demona was trying to fight using reflexes and techniques developed for a body that was slightly larger, massively stronger, possessed of three more limbs (wings and tail), natural weapons in the form of claws, vastly more damage-resistant, and (likely) with a significantly different centre of balance.

As those were reflexes and techniques she'd drilled in and used for a thousand years, it's small wonder she couldn't adapt them easily to abruptly wearing an entirely different body.
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