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01:37:43 PM Jun 23rd 2018
edited by zoopyDoopy
proposing a theory: this trope exists so fanservice-y things can happen without the hero actually needing to be an unsympathetic peeping tom. that it's so prevalent even though the hero is getting punished for doing nothing wrong may be due to the slapstick presentation or the joke being on the girl for overreacting that makes it so prevalent
09:41:39 PM Mar 26th 2012
This seems like a trope just asking for bad examples.

Consider the FMP one that I just zapped. Souske walks into a female changing room, grabs Kaname, shoves her to the ground, and then asks to join the female softball league... how exactly is getting her reaction "unprovoked?"

Or Akane from Ranma, I'm sure there are some examples of this for her, but the one actually given... she walks into the bathroom and finds a naked stranger in her bathtub. How is this "unprovoked?"

A lot of the other examples have similar problems.
01:11:33 AM Mar 27th 2012
The former is indeed not an example of this. The latter, well, it depends on whenever Akane knew if there was someone in the bathroom, if she asked beforehand, and other stuff.

That said, this is a very valid trope, as anime does this a lot. We just have to weed out bad examples, but there's still many fitting ones.
08:12:20 PM Jan 16th 2012
Something in this entry disturbs me:

  • In an episode of Minami-ke, Natsuki is accidentally knocked forward into Haruka, grabbing her breast in the process. Haruka, for her part, is perfectly aware that it was accidental. However, the incident occurred in front of her entire class so she still has to punch him for the sake of appearances. To his credit, Natsuki simply puts his hands behind his back and takes it like a man.

To his credit? Why does the entry act as if it's a good thing that he lets himself get beaten up? Is it manly to take punishment you don't deserve? It seems the poster may have believed that Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female on Male.

I'm cutting that final line.
07:40:25 AM Feb 28th 2012
I think the idea behind that line was Natsuki didn't hit back and than that's a good thing, which is fine. Of course, if that was the troper's intention, then it was poorly conveyed, as it implies he shouldn't, say, complain, so I'm fine with the removal of this.
06:23:49 AM Jul 6th 2011
Are there any Deconstructions that could be mentioned?
02:17:37 PM Sep 11th 2011
Most of them are in "Abuse is okay when Female on Male"
01:11:25 PM Aug 31st 2013
The Unprovoked Payback ends up sending the Accidental Pervert to the hospital maybe?
02:28:41 PM Nov 5th 2014
and putting the attacker on jail
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