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10:47:09 AM Jun 24th 2017
Per the Trope Repair Shop, Unexpected Character is now being labeled as an Audience Reaction since it records the shock audience members feel at the presence of a character, something which is external to whatever work is being troped.
07:36:10 PM Dec 31st 2015
Another question:

Should we give the Video Game section its own page? It seems really lengthy by this point.
07:45:08 PM Dec 31st 2015
I don't see any reason to split it off unless the page itself gets so big that a split would be necessary. This hasn't even broke 300K yet, so I don't think it'll need splitting anytime soon.
12:09:32 PM Nov 14th 2015
Do you think we should change the page image to Cloud in Super Smash Bros or keep it as is?
03:39:13 PM Nov 14th 2015
edited by MyTimingIsOff
  1. : We have the Image Pickin' sub-forum for discussing page image changes.

  2. : The current image was chosen by a thread. So your suggestion would have to be an improvement over the current. I see no reason to change it. The most important thing about an image is that it demonstrates the trope, which the current does by showing Mario's shocked reaction to Snake's presence.
12:52:51 PM Nov 20th 2015
You make a good point.
11:48:36 PM Mar 12th 2015
So in Star Wars Rebels Fulcrum's identity is Ahsoka Tano. Did enough people guess for this to be disqualified, or would it still count?
11:17:40 PM Jun 26th 2014
As regards to Pac-Man in Smash Bros, the trope is Unexpected Character, not Unlikely Character. As soon as Namco Bandai was revealed to be involved in the production of the game, Pac-Man's name started popping up in character lists. That alone makes him not unexpected. Even saying SOME people were surprised at his reveal (just because they created some arbitrary rule about only two third-party characters being included) does not automatically mean his inclusion becomes unexpected.
12:39:28 PM May 14th 2013
Just whipped up a rewrite of the description to avoid Example As Thesis. Thoughts?

''Normally when time comes for a sequel or adaptation of a franchise, you can have a pretty good idea of who to expect in the returning cast. The Hero, The Lancer, the Ensemble Darkhorse... no one is surprised by their return. However, creators may want to shake things up and include less obvious characters. They could be a One-Scene Wonder, someone who had succombed to Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, or simply a Living Prop, or even someone from outside the franchise.

Sometimes these character choices are praised, bringing in a previously unknown character to recent audiences, but other times the choice can be seen as a gimmick to increase sales.

Due to the ease of slipping in outside characters in a Fighting Game (both in terms of mechanics and plot), Guest Fighter can be considered a particularly common subtrope.''

06:16:00 AM Jun 12th 2013
Imma go ahead and swap the descriptions out then.
06:29:29 AM Apr 28th 2013
Can somebody explain to me on how the picture for this trope has ANYTHING to do with this trope? The caption isn't helping either.
06:50:45 PM Apr 28th 2013
Because no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Really though, that should be the caption.
02:43:36 PM Apr 30th 2013
But it has nothing to do with the trope...
04:17:52 PM Apr 30th 2013
... exactly.
03:49:50 PM Jun 11th 2013
I like how the new image caption has a nod to it, though! :)
10:22:33 AM Jul 22nd 2011
Why isn't this YMMV? Unexpected = fan-reaction = Audience Reactions = YMMV ^^
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