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12:56:29 PM May 14th 2012
There's another movie called Underworld that I want to add a page for. It's not related to the werewolf movie, but has the same exact name. What do I do?
03:53:54 PM May 14th 2012
edited by condottiera
I think this is sorted out now. I'll wait to see if the custom title gets approved.
08:01:21 PM Dec 28th 2011
  • Mixed Marriage: Word of God states that the idea for making an interracial relationship the main narrative thrust of the first movie came from the experiences writer Kevin Grevioux, a black man, had in dating during college. Which has some Unfortunate Implications for the premise of the third movie...

Needs more context to say if it fits Maligned Mixed Marriage...
06:10:04 AM Oct 23rd 2011
Is there a trope for how after the original Underworld there are no named Lycans who have any important role? Even the prequel seems to only buid up the existing two Lycans with a role.
04:37:58 PM Jul 25th 2011
Also, for the "Monogender Monster" entry, there were 2 female lycans in Evolution. In fact, they were mentioned in the "Catfight" entry and the "Gorn" entry.
04:34:03 PM Jul 25th 2011
I think a note should be added to the "Anachronism Stew" entry; the vampires' skimpy dress code may have been intentional on the creators' part, to reflect the tendency in vampires for seduction, delinquency, and decadence.
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