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12:50:13 PM Oct 1st 2015
edited by Rjinswand
Took the following entry out:
* Fanservice: Despite what modern sensibilities would indicate or expect, this trope persists.
for the following reasons:
  1. To qualify for the trope, subversions/deconstructions of a trope must at one point outweigh its straight uses. It's definitely not the case with fanservice.
  2. Unacceptance of fanservice altogether is not as widespread or uniform as the entry wants us to believe. While works containing fanservice are at times criticized, even that criticism is often targeted at how or where fanservice is used, the perceived disproportion between Male Gaze and Female Gaze, and specific subtropes like Chainmail Bikini, rather fanservice's existence in itself.
10:52:49 AM Dec 27th 2010
Okay, here's a quick guide to these 'tropes about how often tropes are used' tropes.

A Discredited Trope is a trope that's been over-used, and/or abused, widely disliked, or made obsolete — generally to the point where creators are advised NOT to play it straight anymore.

A Dead Horse Trope is where parodies, subversions, and so forth far outnumber straight uses in recent works, to the point where many of those parodies and subversions are tropes of their own and continuing to parody and subvert the original trope is almost like beating a dead horse. In many cases (such as Non-Ironic Clown and Standard '50s Father) the non-subversion now feels like the subversion if it's done straight.

A Dead Unicorn Trope is where a supposed cliche is parodied and subverted dozens and dozens of times despite it never being played straight enough to be considered a trope. Straight uses of these so-called tropes are rare, and very few can name them.

A Forgotten Trope is a trope that you don't see much of at all in recent works (not even as parody or subversion), often due to obsolesence or changing values.

An Undead Horse Trope is kind of like a Dead Horse Trope, except it skips the Discredited Trope step along the progression. While parodies and subversions may be common (and might even be tropes of their own), the original trope still sees plenty of straight use.
08:21:02 PM Dec 27th 2010
I deleted all the tropes that were not explained in such a way to show that they matched the rubric presented above and on the page.
06:58:53 AM Nov 29th 2012
I've taken out some natter which would have messed up the indexing.
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