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05:42:42 PM Aug 26th 2010
edited by BritBllt
Nuking the examples that mix up this trope and plain old Uncanny Valley...

  • Keeping with the whole Deconstruction theme, Rei of Neon Genesis Evangelion was intended as an Uncanny Valley Girl. The entire point of her characterization was to have people completely creeped out by her existence, and the fact that she's a clone of Shinji's mother spliced with Angel DNA doesn't help matters. However, this hasn't stopped NGE fans from fetishizing her for these exact same traits.
    • Hell, it wouldn't be a far stretch that she popularized the Emotionless Girl Fetish.
    • Word on the street is her creator was driven to tears by this.
      • Serves him right.
      • His fault for not expecting the inevitable.
      • And making the alternative more insufferable than most Tsunderes, without giving Shinji the personality to handle it.

Rei's not popular, wholesome and seemingly perfect on the surface at all. I think what the example was trying to say is that she was meant to be in the Uncanny Valley.

  • Lala Ru from Now and Then, Here and There.
    • Sort of. Lala Ru isn't evil, she's just a coldhearted bitch. And if she's telling the truth about her history, she has every right to be one.

I, um... huh? I can't figure this one out even from the Uncanny Valley angle, since she's human. I'm guessing someone saw the Rei entry, thought it meant Emotionless Girl, and so added her too.

  • Played not for horror in the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou manga: the Misago is a kindhearted humanoid who loves playing with kids, but she finds that very difficult because of her sharp carnivore teeth (which she only uses to eat fish) that freak everybody out.

That's Uncanny Valley.

  • A in-story example is Beautie, of Astro City. She's beloved by kids and other heroes, but, when we get a close look at her (thanks in part to Alex Ross' cover art) she's a giant Barbie doll whose... proportions are positively freakish at that size. Oh, and her mouth doesn't seem to move when she speaks.
    • Probably because Beautie IS a human-sized living doll.

Uncanny Valley.

  • Courtney from Total Drama Island is a somewhat (Your Mileage May Vary, after all) mild case of this. Keeps up a polite, mature, and preppy facade (emphasized in her full character bio), which seems to simply break down when confronted with bad boy Duncan. However, she was later willing to let four people fall to their death on a hot air balloon solely for the million dollar case they happened to be holding. And no, she does not get better in the second season, although this seems to be her 'worst' action in the game so far.

Yay, a misuse that's not Uncanny Valley! But she's totally human, just a potentially sociopathic one. This trope's about literal monsters in popular-girl clothes.
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