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08:12:16 AM Dec 8th 2014
  • Criticizing The Nostalgia Critic is this. Believe us, half of the comments removed on this site usually occur because someone dared to criticize or question him for making a bad joke, a Shallow Parody, a Dude, Not Funny! gag or not doing proper research before making a particularly subjective or even flatout ignorant statement in his show or in his editorials. Even if the criticism is made by people who like the show it still doesn't help.

I removed this because he is definitely not a Sacred Cow, and it seems more talking about an Complaining about People Not Liking the Show attitude than anything else. But removing it also makes me feel like I'm doing what the entry says, so... thoughts?
04:25:17 AM Jan 9th 2015
edited by Patachou
Criticism of the Nostalgia Critic doesn't seem to fly on this site without creating a Flame War. It's just not accepted by his fans and seeing that Doug is quite popular among tropers every other negative comment about him (much like the one above) will be removed. I like Doug Walker, but he is a fallible being like anyone else. Some of his jokes have fallen flat in the past, or been a bad parody, or have potential to offend some people. There have been weaker episodes, even ones where he was clearly just releasing something because he ran out of time (the notable "Let's Play" rant video). But on the other hand it's almost inevitable if you release as many videos per week as he does. You're bound to say or do things that you didn't really think through or will offend some segment of the viewers. The same applies to his Critical Research Failure. He has a lot of videos where he speaks his mind about a variety of topics, and since 2013 he does this on a two weekly basis between other projects. It's not surprising that his opinions can be badly researched or rather short and shallow. I mean, most of the time they only take a couple of minutes or so.
08:33:21 PM Jul 7th 2014
There are still tons of gross jokes about disabilities, especially mental disabilities. I want to live in a world where jokes about us aren't acceptable. :(
08:42:23 PM Jul 7th 2014
Agreed. But this isn't relevant to the article.
08:54:37 AM May 22nd 2012
Too many justifying edits, too little time.
08:33:34 AM Mar 13th 2012
I disagree with the examples on cats. Sure Anonymous has that reputation, but there's plenty of media that play cats getting hurt or dying for laughs.
12:10:11 PM Dec 29th 2011
That last paragraph could be summarized: oddly enough, most people don't like being told they suck.
02:18:53 AM Jun 3rd 2011
I'm not sure that any of these examples fit (although i found a place for the Berserk example in Once Acceptable Targets). I'll keep them here just in case someone can find a place for them.

Anime and Manga
  • Berserk Abridged plays much of the original series for humor, but it doesn't really play Guts' Rape as Backstory for laughs (it's at most, understated Black Comedy), and for this reason, the creator gave the series a happy ending, as there really wasn't a way to make the show's actual ending funny.

  • In-universe example, from Discworld: the undead bar Biers is frequented by various terrors of the night and the elderly widow Mrs. Gammidge. No harm is permitted to come to her. To clarify: the other bar patrons collectively instituted this rule, it was not dropped on them from above.

  • In Old Harry's Game, pretty much every famous person in history is in Hell, and current celebrities will either be demons in disguise or victimized at some point by Satan. However, at one point, Satan has to make a trip to Heaven and recounts seeing the Queen Mother there, and comments on her looking good for her age.

11:13:42 PM Mar 17th 2011
Is Unacceptable Targets a Censorship Trope? If Too Soon fits, I'm thinking this does too.
04:28:13 PM Jun 15th 2011
edited by omgcantstopreading
Yes. The trope is specifically about topics which people aren't "allowed" to criticize, or where those with opposing viewpoints are actively suppressed or attacked. This is pretty much the definition of censorship (even if you think it's justified).
08:56:49 PM Nov 18th 2010
So, if I understand correctly, the difference between this trope and Once Acceptable Targets is that these targets have never been acceptable to begin with?
10:16:36 AM Nov 19th 2010
edited by batgirl1
(Edited after some more thought) Maybe. It might get into hair-splitting, if you're vigilant about targets that were mocked at one time by one people in the dark annals of history. I guess the basic rule of thumb is "Oh, you're mocking the Once Acceptable Target? How behind-the-times you are. I will laugh derisively at you." Vs. "You're mocking the Unacceptable Target? YOU MONSTER!!!"
08:28:05 PM Dec 19th 2010
That's a pretty good reasoning. I'll put some of what you said on the main page so we can have a better understanding.
03:24:46 AM Nov 16th 2010
The implications of changing 'starcraft' to 'starcraft 1'. I lolled.
05:00:56 PM Sep 26th 2010
Latinos are an Unacceptable target? are you kidding me? they are the blacks for people who don't feel comfortable going after blacks.
11:11:13 PM Sep 11th 2010
Nice choice of day to launch the trope.

10:33:18 AM Sep 12th 2010
Ironically, I wasn't even aware of what day it was at the time. (Seriously, I'd thought it was maybe the 7th or something). Sorry. =/
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