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10:01:46 PM Oct 2nd 2016
Does Fry from Futurama count? Everyone else has the delta brainwave, but Fry doesn't have it.
04:32:31 AM Oct 3rd 2016
I don't think that normal intelligence counts as a power
10:59:24 AM Oct 20th 2011
Shouldnt Batman Be here? He Might be the most notable example. I would add it myself, but it seems to be only for entire populations, not just teams. Is there a seperate trope for the only normal guy in a team? that trope should be on this page as a "Related To" sort of thing.
11:38:01 PM Oct 31st 2011
This trope only applies in settings where Everyone Is a Super. Batman is merely a Badass Normal.
12:40:57 AM Nov 9th 2011
Would droid count in Star Wars? They have no connection to the force, and the Jedi have no qualms about slaughtering them, but their lack of life makes the (advanced assassin droids) perfect Jedi hunters. With the force or emotion, or intention to kill, droids cannot be detected the ways any other being would be before being able to shoot a Jedi, which means they been used to hunt down Jedi a lot in the Expanded universe (although not so much in the movies, where droids are Mooks).
08:27:51 PM Nov 10th 2011
No, Mecha-Mooks don't count. If a work has any Muggles at all, it's automatically barred from having this trope.
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