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10:51:00 PM Jan 10th 2018
I don't think Harvey Weinstein should be included. The entry mentions how he's been fired, kicked out of various organizations, and essentially blackballed by Hollywood, but none of these things rise to the level of trying to erase him from history. As far as I know, his name isn't being taken out of the credits of films he produced, and it's not like the Producers Guild is denying that he was ever a member, or that Tarantino refuses to acknowledge that they ever knew each other.

The Kevin Spacey example fits a bit better, since his part in All The Money in the World was recast and his scenes were re-shot to remove him from the movie.
04:10:00 AM Oct 20th 2017
Should the Real Life sections be split off into their own collective page?
04:51:25 PM Mar 8th 2016
edited by AgProv
Hmm, another dubious deletion with no edit reason given - everything here is factual, fits the trope and can be fact-checked. Again, refraining from reinserting as I'm mindful of the flame-war thing.

In fairness, it may need an update note, acknowledging that convicted rapist Evans has won the right to appeal against his sentence and is pursuing the matter in the courts. But I'd add this line, rather than delete the whole damn thing! Details:

12th Feb '16 4:42:27 AM Hylarn Is there an issue? Send a Message

Deleted line(s) 476,477 (click to see context) :

  • In Great Britain, professional footballer Ched Evans was found guilty and served a sentence for rape. Released from prison on licence, Evans approached several professional clubs with a view to rebuilding his career. But massive campaigns based on deep public revulsion caused four clubs to drop him. At the time of writing (June 2015) it appears very unlikely that Evans will ever play as a professional footballer again.
  • Also in June 2015, following another campaign aimed at the club and its principal sponsors, Leicester City have sacked three players - including the manager's son - following a scandal in which Thai sex workers were filmed being sexually and racially abused by the players. As with Evans, other clubs appear very wary of hiring the disgraced players. note 
05:56:21 AM Mar 9th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
I'd say those were cut for being shoehorns. Blacklisting someone is different from unpersoning them. Now, if you do the latter you're almost assuredly doing the former, but if you do the former you're not necessarily doing the latter.

Nothing in the writeups say anything about systematically denying their existence, just saying that they're not being hired. That's very different.

I'd imagine that it does apply (presumably removing evidence that they were ever affiliated with them from promotional materials etc), but the writeups make no mention of it.
01:28:07 AM Jul 25th 2015
edited by AgProv
Finding it amusing that there is one stray reference on the main page to a person called Chris Langham (in the context of the BBC turning embarrassing people into Unpersons) but no clue whatever, for the uninitiated, as to who Langham was, what he did to become famous, and the circumstances in which he became Unpersonned.

Looking into the page history, I discovered (well, remembered - turns out I wrote it, some years ago...) that in a previous version of the page there WAS such an explanatory entry concerning Langham, but it was later deleted for whatever reason.

You really have to be going some to be Unpersonned from a tvtropes entry about people being Unpersonned in real life.... self-fulfilling page, or else recurson in action?
01:41:09 AM Jul 25th 2015
edited by AgProv
Found it:

  • Comic actor Chris Langham has been totally airbrushed out of BBC history following his conviction on a relatively minor charge of possessing child pornography. (Even the prosecution conceded that no children had been harmed by Langham and his only sin was looking at some relatively tame pictures). Despite his not insignificant contributions to British comedy, including being a founder member of the Not The Nine O'Clock News team and several series in his own right, Langham was portrayed as a temperamental prima donna with mental health issues in a BBC comedy documentary.

Deleted on 16/12/13 by nwoods92, edit reason being " Removed what seemed like a pretty biased statement - dude was sentenced to 10 months for the crime, that's not a light offense..."

Yes, but that's a reason for correcting the entry, not "unpersonning" it... and current practice in similar cases would be to not imprison the person, but to insist they receive mandatory treatment. Still a crime, but at this low level of offence therapy is now seen as a more effective remedy than imprisonment.

As I now recall I reinstated this one not on main page (so as to avoid flame wars) but on YMMV, as on this one our M really did V. (Done thousands of edits: hard to keep track!)
04:39:47 PM Mar 8th 2016
edited by AgProv
Interesting: my Langham entry is back again, under "Real Life - Other". although I swear to any deity you like that I didn't put it there - mindful of not starting flame wars. Wonder who made the revision and why?

Interesting: edit made on 15th Sep '15 9:15:37 AM, by bwburke94, no edit reason given.

07:18:36 AM Jul 14th 2015
Would Konami's recent practice of removing all references of Kojima from Metal Gear Solid V (from the name of his production company on its logo to the removal of said logo from the game's cover) count?
08:33:05 AM Jul 14th 2015
08:52:01 PM Apr 6th 2015
How about the removal of references about Earth in the Foundation sequels by Isaac Asimov?
01:04:18 AM Apr 7th 2015
08:29:25 PM Jul 8th 2013
I deleted this edit and moved it here- I don't think it really has much to do with the trope and goes against the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment:

  • Anti-abortion activists accuse Abortion advocates of doing this to the status of unborn infants. Under the pro-life view, abortion is tantamount to infanticide. Pro-choice advocates, in turn, accuse pro-lifers of erasing the identity of the mother in favor of the fetus.
05:26:13 AM Jul 9th 2013
Regardless of political views, that's... ridiculously Square Peg, Round Trope. Just comically so.
10:35:42 PM Jul 11th 2013
Yeah, that was very well removed. Well done, Hodor. Or perhaps I should say, "hodor hodor, Hodor."
11:01:29 AM Apr 11th 2013
Does anyone know the explanation for the Conan O'Brian example under real life? I don't see why NBC removed as much of his material as it says.
05:03:53 PM Jul 7th 2012
Why were a lot of the real life examples(such as the DeviantArt one) removed?
05:16:16 AM Mar 18th 2013
Ouch. Help, please. I tried to add two examples at the end of the site, and when I clicked on "edit", they were gone and only the update was left. I don't know if I did it, or if it was me how I did it, because only the scrolling of the examples to erase them would have taken a long time. I added Cynthia Lennon and May Pang, and when I updated everything else had disappeared. Please, anyone, if you have the real life examples on cache, do put them on again, I don't know how to do it!

Please help, I don't know how that happened. I totally didn't do that on purpose, and I don't really know if it was me (though I suppose it was me, since all the real life info disappeared just after my updating).
05:22:16 AM Mar 18th 2013
It was late so I went to bed thinking it was probably my computer. I hadn't selected and erased anything, so if I couldn't see the Real Life examples I thought maybe it was my computer lagging or something like that. But today I see that, truly, all that info disappeared. Can I undo the edit and put it as it was? I am very sorry, I totally didn't want to damage the page that way, the Real Life examples is the most important part of this page, it was historically accurate. If there's a way to undo the disaster, please tell me why. I was trying to ADD, never to erase. In fact, I wanted what I had added to be at the BOTTOM of the "Real Life" examples page, since I know the cases weren't as huge as the political ones. I cannot stress how sorry I am. I still don't know how that happened, I did not scroll the real life examples to make them disappear. If I had mistakenly done a "select all", then the whole page would have been erased, and not only the Real Life section. I don't understand what happened, and worse, I don't know how to undo it. Lots of people put a shitload of work in that Real Life section and I don't know how I destroyed it, when I was just trying to help. I feel atrociously bad because precisely erasing things from the Real Life section of this site feels criminal. I am so sorry, everyone. I just wanted to add info, not remove it. Got to go now, but can someone please repair this? I cannot repeat enough times how sorry I am for this.
05:23:35 AM Mar 18th 2013
Sorry, I got nervous, I meant: "If there's a way to undo the disaster, please tell me HOW".
05:27:02 AM Mar 18th 2013
WOW! That was FAST! Thank you, Almighty Repairer Of Information Loss By Stupid User!

Seriously, thank you. I was very shocked to see what had happened. I feared people might think I was trying to give precedence to my edition over the rest of the information. It seemed like I was trying to get attention, you know? I totally didn't mean that. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you, thank you, thank you for repairing.
05:32:50 AM Mar 18th 2013
OK, Mystery solved. No one had repaired the page (I just did). I clicked on "Real life" again, and all the previous Real Life examples appeared BEFORE my last addition. I wondered how that was, so I went to the edit page. What had happened was that I had added Cynthia and May AFTER the label of closed folder (something like [[folder]] ). So, if you clicked in "Real Life", first you could see my last addition, and if you clicked AGAIN, then all the info appeared.

Once I realized that, I took the "end of folder" label and put it at the end of the information. Now everything is as it should be, and as I intended it to be when I updated.

Sorry, everyone. Newbie problems :-)
08:02:16 AM Jul 25th 2010
Removed from the Herostratus/Temple of Artemis example:

  • Given that the same guy is called Erostratus, and occasionally Philoctetes...

Because the first is an artifact of how Greek is written (the initial "h" was indicated by a breathing mark, not an alphabetic character, so to the untrained eye the name looks like "Erostratus"), and the second isn't actually true.
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