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08:52:01 PM Apr 6th 2015
How about the removal of references about Earth in the Foundation sequels by Isaac Asimov?
01:04:18 AM Apr 7th 2015
08:29:25 PM Jul 8th 2013
I deleted this edit and moved it here- I don't think it really has much to do with the trope and goes against the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment:

  • Anti-abortion activists accuse Abortion advocates of doing this to the status of unborn infants. Under the pro-life view, abortion is tantamount to infanticide. Pro-choice advocates, in turn, accuse pro-lifers of erasing the identity of the mother in favor of the fetus.
05:26:13 AM Jul 9th 2013
Regardless of political views, that's... ridiculously Square Peg Round Trope. Just comically so.
10:35:42 PM Jul 11th 2013
Yeah, that was very well removed. Well done, Hodor. Or perhaps I should say, "hodor hodor, Hodor."
11:01:29 AM Apr 11th 2013
Does anyone know the explanation for the Conan O'Brian example under real life? I don't see why NBC removed as much of his material as it says.
05:03:53 PM Jul 7th 2012
Why were a lot of the real life examples(such as the DeviantArt one) removed?
05:16:16 AM Mar 18th 2013
Ouch. Help, please. I tried to add two examples at the end of the site, and when I clicked on "edit", they were gone and only the update was left. I don't know if I did it, or if it was me how I did it, because only the scrolling of the examples to erase them would have taken a long time. I added Cynthia Lennon and May Pang, and when I updated everything else had disappeared. Please, anyone, if you have the real life examples on cache, do put them on again, I don't know how to do it!

Please help, I don't know how that happened. I totally didn't do that on purpose, and I don't really know if it was me (though I suppose it was me, since all the real life info disappeared just after my updating).
05:22:16 AM Mar 18th 2013
It was late so I went to bed thinking it was probably my computer. I hadn't selected and erased anything, so if I couldn't see the Real Life examples I thought maybe it was my computer lagging or something like that. But today I see that, truly, all that info disappeared. Can I undo the edit and put it as it was? I am very sorry, I totally didn't want to damage the page that way, the Real Life examples is the most important part of this page, it was historically accurate. If there's a way to undo the disaster, please tell me why. I was trying to ADD, never to erase. In fact, I wanted what I had added to be at the BOTTOM of the "Real Life" examples page, since I know the cases weren't as huge as the political ones. I cannot stress how sorry I am. I still don't know how that happened, I did not scroll the real life examples to make them disappear. If I had mistakenly done a "select all", then the whole page would have been erased, and not only the Real Life section. I don't understand what happened, and worse, I don't know how to undo it. Lots of people put a shitload of work in that Real Life section and I don't know how I destroyed it, when I was just trying to help. I feel atrociously bad because precisely erasing things from the Real Life section of this site feels criminal. I am so sorry, everyone. I just wanted to add info, not remove it. Got to go now, but can someone please repair this? I cannot repeat enough times how sorry I am for this.
05:23:35 AM Mar 18th 2013
Sorry, I got nervous, I meant: "If there's a way to undo the disaster, please tell me HOW".
05:27:02 AM Mar 18th 2013
WOW! That was FAST! Thank you, Almighty Repairer Of Information Loss By Stupid User!

Seriously, thank you. I was very shocked to see what had happened. I feared people might think I was trying to give precedence to my edition over the rest of the information. It seemed like I was trying to get attention, you know? I totally didn't mean that. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you, thank you, thank you for repairing.
05:32:50 AM Mar 18th 2013
OK, Mystery solved. No one had repaired the page (I just did). I clicked on "Real life" again, and all the previous Real Life examples appeared BEFORE my last addition. I wondered how that was, so I went to the edit page. What had happened was that I had added Cynthia and May AFTER the label of closed folder (something like [[folder]] ). So, if you clicked in "Real Life", first you could see my last addition, and if you clicked AGAIN, then all the info appeared.

Once I realized that, I took the "end of folder" label and put it at the end of the information. Now everything is as it should be, and as I intended it to be when I updated.

Sorry, everyone. Newbie problems :-)
08:02:16 AM Jul 25th 2010
Removed from the Herostratus/Temple of Artemis example:

  • Given that the same guy is called Erostratus, and occasionally Philoctetes...

Because the first is an artifact of how Greek is written (the initial "h" was indicated by a breathing mark, not an alphabetic character, so to the untrained eye the name looks like "Erostratus"), and the second isn't actually true.
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