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06:54:48 PM Jun 20th 2013
Am I the only one that thinks the Obama entry under the Real Life examples should be booted? I mean, com on: I'm a Republican and I think this is stupid. It sounds like someone is trying to pick a fight, especially with the link to the ditz page.
09:46:23 PM Dec 30th 2010
Now, how much can a 'Tyke Bomb' and a 'Chosen One' overlap? Obviously, a Tyke Bomb must be created with the intent of becoming a weapon, but does the child need to be conditioned to be a soldier to count? Or can the kid be 'released into the wild' and given a call?
09:28:25 AM Nov 21st 2010
Another obvious examples that should be added are the Irken race from InvaderZim TV Show and the Nightmarens, from both NiGHTSIntoDreams and Journey of Dreams.
01:50:35 PM Oct 14th 2010
Does anyone else feel there's something really unintuitive about the title of this article?
07:27:28 PM Sep 26th 2010
The Painted Maypole: Do the Runaways really fit this trope? None of them were actually trained to be supervillains by their parents. The Yorkes had Old Lace and a copy of the Abstract hidden in their basement for Gert, but that was just a backup plan in case they were killed before they could finish doing the work themselves. The others discovered their powers on their own (or, in Chase's case, stole tech from his parents' lab).
09:35:27 PM Dec 30th 2010
Tykebombs have to be designed to be tykebombs.