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07:05:23 PM Oct 24th 2015
I removed the YuYu Hakusho example. The point of the trope is that percentages are being talked about in regards to something that cannot be quantified or measured. This is not the case with Toguro's strength; the amount of physical force he can generate is absolutely quantifiable. They don't say exactly how much 100% is, but it can be measured. Be careful to keep this kind of thing in mind when adding examples.
04:23:43 PM Sep 23rd 2015
While the "20% cooler" in reference to temperature and *sounds* like it makes sense, in fact it does not. (unless you measure it in Kelvins).

Otherwise, yesterday it was 0 degrees, and today is 20% cooler... - what does that mean? Due to arbitrary zero positions in most commonly used scales, multiples ("twice as hot", "half as cold", or the eponymous) are completely meaningless.

In light of this, I suggest scrapping the "(partial)" piece and the note by the Trope Namer entry.
01:18:04 PM Jul 24th 2013
Deleting this natter:

  • Or maybe he has five doctorates?
  • Probably an angle. You know, "mad north by northwest"? (Although NNW is actually still a good 22.5 degrees away from due north.)
  • Now that's just crazy-talk. Eccentricity is unitless.
03:24:59 PM Dec 13th 2011
I notice there's a rhetorical question in the opening paragraph that someone saw fit to answer with a hottip. My understanding is that it's bad practice, but I'm having a hard time writing up an acceptable replacement that doesn't involve a distractingly tangential answer to a rhetorical question.
09:38:13 PM Nov 25th 2011
An ENTIRE trope for My Little Pony? Don't deny that the only reason this exists is for gushing (and overwhelmingly male) My Little Pony fans.
08:34:47 PM Nov 28th 2011
I was the one who came up with the trope and am a female fan. And no, this trope is an actual trope, read the description. This is a trope about percentages and statistics for subjectives and is In-Universe. And yes the line inspired the trope but that doesn't mean that it's any less a trope then one inspired by Disney Films or webcomics.
04:16:40 PM Sep 29th 2011
ponies named a trope yah

07:12:24 PM Sep 28th 2011
Ahh! It got launched! yay!
06:44:53 PM Sep 28th 2011
This exists, but it's not named Twenty Percent Cooler? :P Either go the whole way or don't, dude.
07:14:10 PM Sep 28th 2011
Make it a redirect. I'm sorry but Cooler still could refer to temperature.
04:08:02 PM Sep 30th 2011
edited by PassTheWord
Yes, but until we have a 20% Colder trope it would make more sense to rename to something people recognize, like the 20% cooler meme? Also I'm removing the trope namer pothole.
12:45:58 PM Oct 1st 2011
Could we just switch the redirect and Trope Name?
10:43:07 AM Oct 4th 2011
Someone made it a redirect while I was away eating cookies, thus making this trope about 20% cooler.

Twenty Percent Colder would be a strangely specific trope name.
04:02:10 PM Oct 14th 2011
It *could* refer to temperature.. but.. it doesn't. I don't see the problem.
11:19:20 PM Nov 9th 2011
The problem is that names are no longer allowed to be awesome on TV Tropes.
08:42:50 AM Dec 10th 2011
Rename or Troper Tales comes back. You chose. This wiki is getting worse and worse. It should be 20% cooler.
03:13:50 AM Dec 15th 2011
Also, for reals, it doesn't flow as well as 20% Cooler does. Someone change this. I hate how little freedom we get on this wiki. After they took away are freedom of expression, too.
05:23:00 PM May 4th 2012
Put down another vote for maing it 20% Cooler. First of all, Trope Namer aside, 20% More Awesome doesn't really flow at all. Second, If said Trope Namer is really supposed to be that at all, it should be reflected by the title, rather than a half-a**ed version that only indicates what the the trope is about. Third, 20% "Cooler" would really have very little to do with temperature: temperature changes are usually measured in absolutes, not percentages. Finally, even if MLP is supposed to be a "partial" Trope Namer, coexisting with a another meaning with little to no relation to the trope is not exactly new to the wiki. Fisher King is not about a King who like Fishing, a Lotus-Eater Machine is not a machine that eats flowers and Xanatos Speed Chess is not about literal chess. We use hyperbole all over this site, so what makes this trope any different?
11:51:19 PM May 4th 2012
Trope renames go to TRS, guys. It looks like you should be able to get consensus for it, as it's not a large change.
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