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05:21:36 AM Jun 14th 2010
OK, I want make sure I got my tropes right. As I understand it, any given trope in this index is a common source of Fetish Fuel, right?
09:44:18 AM Jun 14th 2010
Yeah. They are common fetishes among many viewers. I hope you have Brain Bleach.
06:51:05 PM May 25th 2011
11:29:57 AM Jul 14th 2011
edited by Tomwithnonumbers
I don't think the picture is an example of She's Got Legs or Zettai Ryouiki but didn't pull those two because I wasn't completely sure and it's just a joke. Anyone else agree? EDIT: Sorry about accidentally putting this as a reply
12:06:57 PM Oct 13th 2011
Why has this page been erased
04:58:07 PM Oct 25th 2011
edited by Dragon573
Apparently, as Fast Eddie put it, "We're not interested in a list of peoples fetishes". I understand and respect his opinion... even if I don't agree with it.
05:07:53 PM Oct 25th 2011
Plus it was basically a subjective version of Rule of Sexy. Pretty redundant and creepy if you ask me.
03:02:28 PM Nov 11th 2011
edited by Dragon573
...Not really... at all.

The Rule of Sexy is, laconically, "fanservice doesn't have to make sense."

Take the picture it uses. That armor is ludicrously impractical, but it's fanservice, so people don't care. That is Rule of Sexy.

This was just a list of things people found sexy. Whether it made sense or not didn't enter the equasion.

It was Fetish Fuel under a different name.
Can this page be locked/deleted before people start flaming, by any chance?
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